Here’s why Brazil produces the finest coffee in the world

In today’s day and age, Brazil happens to be the largest coffee producer in the world. Currently, Brazil accounts for nearly 30% of the total coffee production in the world, a lot lower than its peak in the 1920’s when it accounted for around 80% of the total coffee production in the world. Over the past couple of decades and years, Brazil has been one of the largest coffee exporters in the world and it is mainly because Brazilian coffee varsities like arabica, robusta and rio minas brazil coffee beans, have millions of fans around the world. Brazil exports most of its coffee to Asia and amount countries, USA is the single biggest importer of Brazilian coffee like rio minas brazil coffee, accounting for nearly 19% of the overall imports.

FACTS : Brazilian produces as well as CONSUMES more coffee than any other nation

It is estimated that in every year Brazil exports a staggering 55 million bags of coffee every year to the usual suspects in Japan and USA. Even after accounting for 18% of the imports, Brazil is still the second largest consumer of Brazilian coffee like rio minas brazil coffee, because the biggest consumer of Brazilian coffee are the people of Brazil itself. It is estimated that Brazilians drink a lot of coffee and their average consumption of rio minas brazil coffee is around double the size of the average consumption of the people in the United States of America.

Why is it so difficult to find 100% original and unadulterated arabica coffee?

 It must be noted that arabica coffee from Brazil is the most demanded of all brazilian coffees, followed by rio minas brazil coffee. That being said, it is actually very difficult to order 100% original and unadulterated arabica coffee because most coffee companies (including the biggest names in the businesses) actually sell 70% arabica in addition to 30% robust to bring down the cost of production of their coffee and to further increase their profit margins.

Why does Brazil produce some of the best coffee in the world?

Brazil is known to produce some of the best coffee in the world because its climatic conditions and locations are very conducive for the growth of the highest-quality of coffee. The tropical climates in Brazil and the lower altitudes of the plantations are responsible for the fine aroma and intense flavor of the various coffee types grown in Brazil like rio minas brazil. Brazil might seem to be the world’s larger producer and exporter of coffee and while it has all the numbers in its favors, it faces some of its own challenges as well and it mainly has to do with the production of industrialized coffee.

THE BOTTOM LINE – WHY  is Brazilian coffee BETTER from coffees of other countries?

The main difference between Brazilian coffee like rio minas brazilcoffee and coffee produced in other parts of the world is the low acidity levels of brazilian coffee. For example, coffee produced in somewhere like Africa, might have very high acidity levels. Low acidity levels means that Brazilian coffee is actually very appetizing and it also has a very nice aroma and body. The tropical climates and conditions and lower altitudes of Brazil have been found to be very conducive for the growth of the finest coffee on earth, great in aroma and spectacular on taste, better than almost all other varieties of coffee out there, without any exception or parallels whatsoever. Given the different conditions and the governments’ support for plantations owners, it is expected that Brazil’s number uno position as the world’s biggest, consumer, exporter and producer of the finest coffee in the world, will continue for several years and decades to come.


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