How to bake a yummy and healthy cake on your son’s first birthday

When it is about your one-year-old son, you will never want to challenge any risk at all. You are probably desiring to make a yummy but healthy as well cake for your son to celebrate his birthday with.

It is great! But do you that making such may be tough if things do not fall into their right place. Your baby must be your priority and should not want anything to harm him so you will have to be aware of some crucial thing when you will be making a cake for your son.

Do you wanna know what those things are? Let’s tell you below.

#1) Use fresh ingredients only

Every small baby is sensitive to bacterias and fungus and they may harm the baby too much and on a broader scale than an adult so you need to understand what you are about to use to make a cake for your baby, must be fresh.

Well, you can make your fresh cake order online if you feel making a cake at home is not a good idea from the best online cake shop in Mumbai at a reasonable price and with 3-4 hours delivery.

Go to the market and buy all ingredients even if you have some of them at home. Ensure what ingredients you are buying are fresh or not. If you are really willing to make your baby’s first birthday memorable, do what benefits him and do not think of anything else.

#2) Decorate with fun things

There are many funny but great in taste decorative ingredients you must use when you are making a cake for your baby’s first birthday, such as;

  • White choco chips
  • Chocolate gems
  • Colorful candy eggs, and
  • Fruits

You can use these things make a better looking and tastier cake in seconds. Well, if you find yourself unable to decorate your cake, you can order one from with best online cake in Dehradun hassle-free to your doorsteps at a reasonable price.

#3) Add up layers of different flavors

It may be tough to do but it will surely give a great taste for sure. Using 3-5 not so thick cake layers of different flavors and merging them one by one with frosting and making a fusion cake will be great.

Giving a different but unique taste to your son on his birthday will make him happier and quite excited. He will not remember anything later, though but you will have the memories of that amazing time.

#4) Cover up with fresh chocolate cream

You can make the frosting of cake with fresh chocolate cream whether white chocolate or dark chocolate both are amazing in taste and surely give your home-made cake a better smell and taste.

Using frosting of any other cream might make your cake taste ordinary and you know your prince will never love to have anything that does not taste royal. Make it taste great using thick chocolate cream to cover up your son’s birthday cake.

Final thoughts

Making a moment special is an art and every parent knows this art very well so go for what you have committed yourself for. Enjoy your son’s first birthday!

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