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Sushi is a popular, exotic rice dish, originated in Japan. Looks like a simple roll of stuffed rice but it is more than that, it is said that it takes years to master to learn the right way to cook sushi. There is an abundance of variety in sushis available. In the last few years, the popularity of sushi was so increased that now it is available almost everywhere. Every city now has a Japanese restaurant that serves the best sushi. There is no denying the fact that sushi is a delicious dish that has high nutrients.

Sushi Platter

Like people have bread basket that is full of varied breads similarly, there are sushi platters that have various sushi in one plate presented beautifully. Usually one classic sushi platter has Alaskan roll, spicy tuna sushi, shrimp lover roll, California roll etc. and then there are many choices available for people to choose.

Sushi platter are very famous amongst the youngsters, give sushi are lightweight, hence sushi platter is popular. Nowadays online food ordering is very famous, people prefer to order online rather than leaving there home, and who doesn’t love food being delivered at their home? So, people can now order sushi platter online, and enjoy the delicious Japanese dish at their home. One can also buy ramen online; it is also another type of sushi.

sushi platter

Sushis are very popular rice dish and they are very nutritional mostly due to the side toppings added to them. People prefer fish, seaweed etc. usually the one common thing among the sushi is a layered coat of wasabi, which a paste is made of grated stem. It is very delicious but applied in small amount given the strong taste it has. They are high nutritional value; people love a thin or thick layer of fish on the sushi. The one common thing will be the cooked rice. The rice can be varied by the choice like white rice, brown rice, or short grain rice, they are stuffed rolled and palm pressed.


Whenever we hear the term Japan and food the first thing that clicks in mind is sushi, it is the most popular dish which is available everywhere I the world in today’s time. One can order sushi online and enjoy it at home. So this article explained about the famous and delicious sushi platter, which the teens love. Go and order online and enjoy yummy sushi at home.

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