Hair Care Tips For Men To Tackle Dandruff Issues

It is a general misconception that only the women can face the issues pertaining to the hair. Men too have their own share of hair issues. These days they too face the issues right from an early age only such as hair loss, hair fall, balding, receding hairline, dandruff, scaling, etc. Even the men from a young age in this generation tend to develop white hairs at such an early age. There are various reasons as to why the men face such issue,but it is not of such a big worry as several reliable treatment ways are available.

Dandruff is often neglected especially in the case of men where they tend to take it lightly. It is only when the flaking starts and is spotted on their clothes around the shoulders, they get wary about it. Moreover, it is this mindset that dandruff goes away with just one wash and do not come back again soon which is wrong because it depends on a lot of factors. It will not matter if the jawline is good or a good face because if there are bald patches or receding hairline, then the overall face will not look good. Dandruff has also been said leading to underconfidence especially when outside with other people and while wearing dark attires. That is why it is said that using shampoo ketomac will get the necessary results.


Dandruff in men is often caused due to lack of proper care towards their hair. There may be other factors as well such as pollution, etc. but most of it is own doing by choosing to neglect hair care. Here are some of the some causes

  • Using the high amount of hair care products like hair gel, hair wax, lotions, creams, regular hair colour and highlights from a young age, leads to the poor quality of hair over a period of time.
  • Overconsumption of liquor, nicotine, tobacco, cigarettes, drugs, junk food leads to the overall bad health conditions which reflect eventually on the quality of hair.
  • Daily washing of hair leads to the decrease of the moisture and oil that the scalp needs and hence, the quality deteriorates.
  • Exposure to the sun for a prolonged period of timedries the hair and makes it rough.
  • Drying the wet hair in a vigorous manner instead of patting them dryinglightly leads to weakening of hair.

If you want to know about how anti-dandruff shampoo Ingredients work then the way is simple. The most common factor would be that a reliable shampoo will have an anti-fungal agent which would ensure that the dandruff is removed in an effective way and the ingredients will be of top quality and hence there will be no harmful effects or side effects as the shampoo would be devoid of chemicals.

It is advised that only a reliable and reputed shampoo should be purchased for the issue of dandruff for men and especially the one with anti-dandruff ingredients.

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