April was group building month at The Escape Game! All through April, we distributed recordings with tips on the best way to build up your group. In the event that you missed them, don’t stress — here’s a recap!

Team Building Dubai
Team Building Dubai


Your colleagues will be progressively connected with in the event that they see how the work that they do adds to the bigger objectives of the organization. At the point when individuals know why their job is imperative to the achievement of the business all in all, they are bound to be proficient and compelling colleagues.


The best thing you can do to ensure that your group is in agreement is to make a common mission, vision, and qualities for your organization. The statement of purpose is the normal reason as an association. Your vision proclamation is your huge objectives for what’s to come. Lastly, your qualities are your mutual measures that will enable you to accomplish your objectives. These three things cooperate to give everybody’s work meaning, and enable each colleague to see how to best adjust their disposition and their endeavors to the group’s objectives Escape Room Dubai.


Conventions can help your colleagues get tied up with the group culture you make. Regardless of whether it’s playing a tune toward the start of each gathering or having group expressions to motivate and empower, you can make minutes that help your group feel like they are cooperating towards a bigger objective.

Inquiring as to WHY

Urge your group to challenge business as usual and to ask “Why?” at whatever point a procedure or solicitation doesn’t bode well. In addition to the fact that it is significant for every individual to see how their job adds to accomplishing the objectives of the group and the organization, yet it additionally might be conceivable to improve your procedures with new thoughts. A standout amongst the most significant things that each colleague brings to the table is his or her own point of view use it!


On the off chance that your group invests less energy in gatherings, they can invest additional time doing their work. Before you plan a gathering, take a couple of minutes to think about how you can make it as proficient as could be expected under the circumstances. Just welcome individuals to the gathering who truly should be there. Just calendar the measure of time you figure you will require (or somewhat less). In conclusion, as a decent principle guideline, if what you need to state could be similarly as compelling as an email, don’t plan a gathering!

Putting resources into TEAM MEMBERS

Invest energy becoming acquainted with your colleagues! On the off chance that you realize each other better as individuals, it will enable you to make a culture where you can work better as a group. The time you take to put resources into work environment connections will be time well-spent.

Observing WINS

At the point when colleagues meets their objectives, it’s essential to commend those successes. Your affirmation and acclaim will compensate those colleagues’ endeavors and urge other colleagues to meet their objectives too. Simply recall as you commend wins that individuals like to get affirmation in various ways. Some colleagues may appreciate a major sign and a declaration, while others may incline toward a decent written by hand card or the endowment of some espresso.

Each colleague has various abilities and characters, and everybody has something that they can bring to a departure group dubai games. You could be a Communicator, Orchestrator, the Brain, a Spotter, or a Tinkerer! Need to discover what sort of partner you would be in a getaway room? Take our test to discover!

Bring your group for an astonishing group building knowledge! Get more data about group working at The Escape Game To begin, SmartyPantz has set up shop in what was once three structures in notable Gastown, worked between 1892 to 1915 – you can envision the accounts they would tell.

While the solid story lines set the stage, the noteworthy rooms and on-screen characters help breath life into everything. Huge numbers of the general population off camera, and your hosts, have extensive experience with theater and film, so it’s sheltered to state that you’re in great hands here.

Try not to stress in case you’re new to escape rooms, your hosts will help clarify everything and direct you through the procedure.

As of now, there are five distinct rooms.


Have you at any point felt that you’ve been stuck in a strange dream that you can’t escape? All things considered, presently is your opportunity to make sense of how to get away from the endless dream.

You’ll require in any event eight (8) players to get yourself out of this hallucinogenic room as there are various puzzles that must be comprehended. It’s the most testing room, however the least alarming. Except if, you have a dread of being stuck in a fantasy until the end of time…

Morning Never Comes

It’s dependent upon you to comprehend this paranormal examination in an old, deserted house. Gossip has it that an apparition frequents the investigation and nobody makes it past midnight. Will you?

This room isn’t the hardest, so there’s a decent possibility you’ll make it out of there.

Destined Submarine

Sound the caution! There’s been a mechanical disappointment on this scarcely repaired Soviet submarine and the clock is ticking – as is your oxygen supply. This is the most testing of rooms and requires some speedy reasoning.

Hunger for Murder

You additionally won’t discover bolted entryways here (claustrophobics, celebrate!) and you can leave the room whenever. However, realize that once you leave the room, you can’t return in.

Having an extreme time fathoming a question? You can get up to two indications to help you en route, yet it’s truly dependent upon you to decipher the code.


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