Grab the most delicious Cakes in Delhi

Baking is a real art, the art which needs so much love and cares to bake tasty treats for special occasions and it can fill the whole room with its magical aroma. Baking can make your wishes for sweet and soft cakes come to life. The true joy and essence are increased when it comes to the part of sharing. Sharing happiness can make the excitement get doubled and the excitement and joy can be hold-up with the best bakeries in Delhi. You can easily find the best cupcakes in Delhi, birthday cakes, red velvet cakes etc. in Delhi. Here is a list of the best bakeries which are offering the most delicious cakes in Delhi:

  • Wenger’s, Connaught Place

Designed in 1926, this place is an old bakery in Delhi. Starting from pastries to sponge cakes, Wenger’s has never failed to amaze their customers with its delicious baking. Their famous and classic Chocolate Truffle cake and Tiramisu are something that you should never miss if you ever visit this place.

  • The Bombaykery, Gurgaon

This is the place which is serving the best cake in Gurgaon. They offer Tea Cakes, Red Velvet Cakes, Mixed Fruit Cakes, Kala Khatta Cheesecakes etc. with a big menu. This bakery has the service of home delivery also. They are also one of the best birthday cake makers in Delhi.

  • Angles in My Kitchen, Gurgaon

This is another bakery in Delhi, which is serving no doubt the best cake in Gurgaon. They have the category of making specially themed cakes exact according to the customers. With a variety of cakes, they also offer various gifting goodies like brownie bar box, chocolate box etc. which are exciting for festivals in India.

  • Whipped, Greater Kailash

Starting from Blueberry Cheesecakes, Red Velvet, Mud Cakes to Cupcakes, Pastries, Birthday Cakes every baked thing here in Whipped is super delicious and amazing. You can get the freshly bakes cakes directly to your doorsteps from here.

  • L’Opera

L’Opera is also the name among the list of to bakeries in Delhi. They offer fresh and perfectly baked cakes and other recipes to their customers. Ranging from cupcakes to pastries, every item is delicious here.

  • The Cup n Cake Factory

This place in Gurgaon is the heaven of Cupcake Lovers. The cupcakes here are made straight from scratch with fresh ingredients. Established in 2012 and from then, they are offering a great menu of cupcakes. Not only cupcakes, but they also have the menu of other cakes with the feature of making fully customizable cakes exact according to the customers. They are also another one who are serving the best cupcakes in Delhi.

  • Maxims Pastry Shop

This shop is one of the oldest among all other bakeries in Delhi. Their mouthwatering menu of different cakes can definitely amaze you. The Classic Chocolate Truffle here is undoubtedly something that can make you fall in love with this place.

So, if you are a cake lover and you are searching for the best bakeries in the streets of Delhi, don’t worry about the taste. Visit any of the places mentioned above and you will appreciate their baking.

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