Get Call History With OgyMogy Screen Recording App

Smartphones are more or less part of our daily lives now. One cannot imagine a day, in fact, an hour without using his or her phone. They have this magical ability which keeps them stuck with us all the time. In the old days phones were used just for making calls or text messages. But smartphones have some kind of wizard power. It is not just a calling machine now but many more. From taking photos to writing notes, as mp3 replacement, to using the internet. Name a thing and you can do it with your smartphones.

Gone are the old days of landline calling where you have to wait for your number to make a call to your friend. Or the days when receiving incoming also cost you a penny. Now everyone has got their smartphone. And you can just use it whenever and however you want. This is an alarming situation. Are you worried sick that your child is busy on phone calls all day long or he or she avoid taking calls in Infront of family members frequently? Or if you are getting heavy postpaid bills or whether u want to know about his Viber, Whatsapp call logs, or any other suspicious phone call history. or are having serious doubts about that specific 11 pm call daily. don’t worry we have got your back.

Different call packages from various telecommunication companies can be more annoying in these kinds of to keep things simpler and under control phones should be monitored and it is necessary to decrease screen timing of our youth and protect our employees and company assets by preventing the excessive use. For all this and much more OgyMogy app is here at your service.

Parenting Got Easier With OgyMogy

Being a parent of a teenage girl or guy in this digital time sucks. OgyMogy can ease out their anxiousness. It provides you with features that help you remotely monitor your kid’s smartphones and know every minor detail about them. All you need is to follow simple steps and install the OgyMogy app on their phone. After that you will get notified about their activities in the form of simple reports.

No Need To Attend Unknown /Private Numbers

If you are anxious that some unknown number is bullying your child or you are constantly seeing your employee on a phone call from some strange incoming number. do not worry OgyMogy can help you find out that unknown number. It provides you A complete detail of incoming and outgoing call records of targeted cell phones. You can simply dump that specific unwanted number in blacklist. Not only that just block all kinds of unknown numbers from your teen phones to avoid any inconvenience.

Say Yes To Phone Recording :

Enough of the secret closed-door, room locked long calls. Now you can simply record calls on the targeted phone in real-time. This will help you to know who your son or daughter is talking to and what kind of conversation are they having in the name of so-called secrecy and private space. Moreover with recording live calls you can confront your employees about how they are dealing with clients.

Get A Hold Of Your Teen/Employee Contact List:

Smartphones these days can save a huge number of contact list. Now with OgyMogy you can get a hold of your teen contact list. Thus you can remotely monitor the contact list with OgyMogy and get to know in real-time any new saved entry in contact log to keep an eye on them. Similarly you can check Justin who is always on the phone to whom he is calling and with recording call history feature of OgyMogy you get to know if he is discussing some company’s secrets or is having an affair. Both, of course, are neither good for you nor him and his family.

OgyMogy record call service history with time stamps. Thus it is easier to track a complete record of your child sleeping hours at night and their new and old friends by their contact can remotely block any number if you think that is not safe for your child or to cut down long calls of your employe to keep him on work.


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