Get Your Business Moving with Professional Vehicle Signs

Rather than waiting for potential customers to be in your location and see your business signage, why don’t you take your signage to the people? I’m talking, of course, about vehicle signs.

You’ll see car signage on the Sunshine Coast a lot, largely because the Coast is home to many small businesses and vehicle signs are perfect for SMEs. Perhaps you don’t have actual premises where you can display physical signage, or maybe you want to give your existing signage more impact. Either way, it’s a winner.

When you think about it, there’s nothing new about vehicle signage. Even before cars were invented, train carriages were painted with the company’s name and information. The first attempts at producing plastic vehicle wraps failed but, in 1926, one Waldo Semon invented a vinyl material by mixing certain additives with PVC. That vinyl is still used today!

Car Signage Sunshine Coast

Vehicle signs can range from small decals telling you the driver in front is a massage therapist to major wraps for major players, such as Pepsi. They will wrap buses, trams, pretty much anything that moves!

This is where the saying about the power of marketing comes into play. It’s a hot day, you’re walking along the street and a bus goes past with a huge picture of an ice-cold drink or ice-cream. Immediately you want one!

Or perhaps it’s time to get your carpets cleaned and, when you stop at the lights, the van in front has signage declaring the driver cleans carpets. It may not even be immediate, and that’s a major benefit of car signage on the Sunshine Coast.

It may not be time to get your carpets cleaned or your house painted, or your dog washed, but you’ll keep seeing that vehicle driving around, subconsciously planting the brand in your head for future use.

Vehicle Signs

Vehicle wraps are very affordable, quick and easy to change and, as long as you use a professional, won’t damage your vehicle. They have the same impact as a billboard but are so much cheaper. Pretty much anyone can afford one.

Vehicle wraps can be fully customized to include your branding, logo and colours. A good quality job will last for years, making the return on your investment huge. And even when you’re not using the vehicle, your signage will be working for you, in the car park, on the street, in your driveway.

Vehicle signs work especially well for tradespeople, cafes and restaurants, real estate agencies, bakeries, florists, couriers, you name it. Just imagine how many ‘views’ it gets every day! Before you know it, you’ll be a trusted name in your local area.

Choose an Experienced Signwriter

If you have a fleet of vehicles, they can all be done, thus multiplying the number of views.

The most important point, however, is to use a reputable vehicle signage company. A local team that specialises in signwriting and also works with plastic is the go. They will be able to offer great design advice and would only use quality materials that will protect your vehicles. They are also likely to be big enough to wrap your entire fleet for you.


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