The GRE or Graduate Record Exam Test is the test which helps the students to fetch admissions in various graduate schools across various countries.  The GRE is a widely accepted and conducted for the purpose of admission for the students who want to pursue a master’s degree/ course from the best institution.

Know About the GRE Exam Pattern

  • Analytical writing section

This section includes two essay writing tasks, first is the Issue task which has two topics of which the candidate have to select and write an essay while presenting the writer position in the topic within 30 minutes. Second is the Argument task in which the candidate will analyze the logic of the given position and suggest the reasoning is faulty or require improvement within 30 minutes. You should prepare well for this section during your GRE prep.

The scoring for this particular section is on a scale of 0-6. Scores are first given by a human reader and then by the e-rater. If the scores from both differ, then the score is further sent to a second reader and the final score will be the average of the two human scores.

  • Quantitative Reasoning

This section includes two types of MCQs, quantitative comparisons and problem-solving. The test also contains numeric entry questions where students have to give their own answers.

The level of math knowledge is of high-school-level mathematics, which includes some of the questions of data interpretation also. Students are allowed to use the onscreen calculator and who are appearing for the paper-based test are provided with a calculator at the test center.

  • Verbal Reasoning Section

It includes three types of question like text completion, sentence equivalence, and reading comprehension. This section is often said to test the vocabulary. This also includes sentence completions, analogies, antonyms, and reading comprehension questions.

How to Prepare For GRE


  • Study material

GRE cannot be mastered by completing one book. There are many great books available in the market that are used as a supplement to enhance their preparation but, you can’t buy each, and every book. So, make use of Smartphone and internet and collect notes from the best online coaching.

  • Make a study plan

Your study plan should be made on the basis of your current GRE preparation level and your target GRE score. Once you have the planned, stick to it and feel charged up and motivated to beat that score.

  • Build up your vocabulary

Vocabulary plays an important role in GRE Verbal sections. Try to absorb as many words as you can by reading journals, newspapers, and magazines. Come across new words on mock tests or practice problems, and add them into your list too.

  • Practice Mock tests

There are many mock tests paid and unpaid available on the internet and you can go for them. Remember the mock test is for your practice and to judge you where do you stand. Through mock test focus on your weak sections and give more time to cover them.

Mock test plays a crucial role during your GRE prep. If you are only studying and not practicing mock test then it will be difficult for you to manage time in the exam and this may end with a bad result. Whatsoever be the exam, the mock test is really very important.





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