FSSAI Consultant’s work and how to find them?

In the case of getting an FSSAI certificate, the applicant has to face several problems, and one of the biggest problem that they face is unable to get their application accepted. But for start working on their FBO, they have to get the application accepted. So what do in that case when your app gets rejected?

If you have ever faced this problem of rejected FSSAI applications, then do follow this article till the end as in this article we are going to discuss everything about application rejection and what should you do if your application is rejected.

Why your application gets rejected?

We will first discuss why your application for FSSAI registration gets rejected. Although there are several reasons because of which your FSSAI application can get rejected, but finding those reasons is one of the most challenging work. But I have made a list of those reasons, let us have a look at it.

  • The first and most faced problem because of which your application gets rejected, and that is wrong information issues. In this case, you must have faced the problem because your documents might not be correct and for solving this issue, you would have to thoroughly check all the documents and then reapply for the FSSAI registration. If you are stuck in the chaos of what documents to attach then here is the list of all documents you needed-
  • The first thing you need is Form B full completed and signed by the applicant.
  • The second thing to attach is a complete plan in which you have to show area-wise use of your production unit.
  • Next is the list of directors or partners that are joined with you in your FBO, with their address proofs, contact details and photo ID.
  • Next, you have to attach a list in which all the equipment and machines you use in your production unit must be mentioned.
  • List of food items that your production unit produces should be sorted out in categories.
  • The manufacturer should select a nominee with its address details.
  • A complete report of water usage for the production process in the unit.
  • Sources from where you get the raw material.
  • A recall plan.
  • NOC document issued by FSSAI.
  • IE Code document issued by DGFT.
  • Form lX
  • Certificate from Ministry of tourism.
  • Proof of possession premises.
  • Partnership deed
  • NOC and copy of the license
  • Food safety management system plan
  • NOC from local body
  • Proof of turnover and transportation
  • Declaration form
  • The second problem because of which your FSSAI application could be rejected is because of not attaching even a single form. Yes, if you forget to connect even a single form from the above list, then your application could be rejected.
  • The third thing is that there are three different types of license that FSSAI issue. So fill your application accordingly, as every license application needs to be filled differently and various documents are required to be attached with them.
  • In some cases, the application or the license gets rejected if the FBO is found doing some wrong works against the rules and regulations of FSSAI. In that case, reapplying for FSSAI application would be very difficult.

These were some of the reasons because of which your FSSAI application could be rejected, but do you know how to get rid of such problems and get your application accepted by the food and safety department.

There are a total of two ways the first is to attach all the documents and fill the form correctly and reapply for FSSAI registration. While the second way is to find an FSSAI Consultant who can help you in solving any issue regarding your FSSAI registration.

FSSAI Consultants- As you all know, whenever we face a problem in any work, we find a consultant for that work who can help us with that problem. Same is the case with FSSAI registration, as several people face a lot of issues during the registration process, because of which for getting rid of all those problems you can find a checkout an FSSAI consultant. They will help you in any problem regarding registration, renewal or any other thing related to FSSAI. You can even find them online easily

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