Everything you need to know about navy challenge coins

Over the years, the percentage of people to have served in the American military has been steadily declining. Given the rapidly reducing number of veterans, it becomes all the more important to honor people for their service to the country and its people. Challenge coins are one of the best ways to acknowledge and appreciate the services of veterans who have served in the military, including and especially the Navy!

So what exactly are navy challenge coins?

Navy challenge coins are a part of the overall general military challenge coins which are meant to acknowledge and appreciate the services of people who have served in the military. Navy challenge coins cater specifically to people who have served in the Navy!

Navy challenge coins have been around for several years and over the course of time they have evolved exponentially. There are navy challenge coins of various types but the most special types of such coins are gifted to a solider by a commander. These coins acknowledge several years of service of soldiers, officers and veterans, who have served in the Navy. These coins are treasured by whoever they are gifted to because they serve as reminders of their duty, hard work and sacrifices, throughout their service.

The purpose of navy challenge coins has evolved over the years and in today’s day and age, they are often awarded to officers for their service and they are even presented to members of the general masses.

What is the appearance of navy challenge coins?

Navy challenge coins are of various types and they can significantly vary in appearance. Most types of navy challenge coins are around 1/10-inch thick and 2 inches in diameter. These coins can easily fit into the palm of a hand, and they can also easily fit inside all kinds of pockets. Navy challenge coins are made of different types of materials like pewter, copper and nickel. The main appearance of the challenge coin or its face, usually depends on who is gifting the navy challenge coin and what it represents. It is for these reasons that many branches of the Navy and commanders, design their own navy challenge coins, for the purpose of gifting.

The navy challenge coins are adorned with a variety of images but most frequently they are adorned with pictures of the associated military branch or associated naval branch. Thus as a result, the faces of navy challenge coins often feature some ship along with the logos of the shop, its dates and also the name of the ships. A decorated veteran naval officer can collect a wide range of navy challenge coins for his service to the navy.

There are very low quantities of customized navy challenge coins because most coins of these types are mass-produced. Thus, the next time you spot a veteran sporting a customized navy challenge coin, you should know that you are spotting someone, who went beyond the call of duty during their service to the country and its people.

The Bottom Line

If you are planning to present the most perfect gift to a decorated Navy veteran, than look no further than navy challenge coins. The best gift would be a coin representing the ship they might have served on during their service years. If you have served alongside other naval veterans, then you can choose to gift them these coins to represent your friendship.

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