Everything You Should Know Before Purchasing Organic Hair Dye

Modern women love to use hair color depending on the type of look they want to flaunt. Today, people not only apply color to the hair strands to cover the grays but also keep experimenting with different shades to get the desired style statement. Whether you are about to attend a party or want to change the regular hairstyle, choosing the right hair color can give a chic appearance and brighten your personality.

Unfortunately, the harsh chemicals in traditional hair colors such as hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, resorcinol, diaminobenzene, and others are extremely harmful to health and hair follicles. Thankfully, the organic hair dye, made of natural ingredients gives us complete peace of mind to get the needed tint without any side effects.

The ayurvedic hair colors are very popular among the customers owing to the benefits they bestow to the hair and scalp. To be very sure you choose the best organic hair color, it is important to know everything about them including the components, how to give you the perfect tint and the extent of results to expect.

What are organic hair colors?

The organic products are made of pure botanical extracts grown without using any pesticides. Organic hair colors are mainly composed of plant extracts like amla, henna, indigo leaves, and others that not only give you long lasting permanent color but also help to improve the overall hair health.

Is Organic Hair Dye Safe to Use?

Organic hair dye (powder-based) is 100% natural without any traces of chemicals. Powder hair colors are suitable for consumers with hypoallergenic complications. On the package look for the composition information to check if the product is completely free of PPD, Hydrogen peroxide, ammonia or barium.

Get Beautiful Hair Color at a Salon or at Home

While it can be seriously problematic to deal with chemical dye at home, the botanical hair colors are completely safe for application at home whenever you want. However, if you hate the tiresome job and DIY applications, there are professionals using ayurvedic products for hair coloring.

Are Organic Hair Colors 100% Natural?

While some brands manufacturing powder-based organic hair colors do not use any chemicals, the gel-based herbal products are not 100% chemical-free. Most of the ayurvedic products are 93% organic containing 10% chemical compounds to ensure that the color sits deep into your hair cuticles for long-term color retention.

Is it safe to use organic hair dyes on sensitive hair/skin?

The best organic hair color brands use only mild natural ingredients with minimal chemical traces in their products to ensure they are completely safe for the sensitive skin. However, people with hypoallergenic problems can use herbal powder hair dyes as and when required.

100% Gray Coverage Assurance

There is often speculation in the mind about the extent of gray hair coverage, the organic hair dyes can offer. Authentic botanical products can give you the same results as with the traditional synthetic chemical based colors.

Why use organic hair colors?

They are safe for health and do not pose the problem of toxin penetration through the scalp or hair roots flowing deep down the bloodstream.


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