Enjoy the Exciting Shopping Scene of Jeddah with Emirates

Jeddah is well-known all over the world for its immense number of bustling malls. The city has so many shopping spots that even one month would not be enough to explore all of them. In every corner of the city, there is always some shopping activity going on. Most of the malls in Jeddah are made in historical buildings, thereby offering profound historical value. Furthermore, all of them are immensely large, meaning that you should prepare yourself for an activity of a couple of hours. And amazingly, more or less all of them have the playgrounds for kids, making it easier for you to shop while your kids play. Here are the six best shopping malls in Jeddah from where you can shop leisurely while coming here with Emirates Airlines flights.

1.    Mall of Arabia

Mall of Arabia is an ideal shopping location if you are with your family. The management of the mall has ensured that the kids coming with the shoppers do not get bored. For this reason, several games and fun activities for the kids have been introduced here. So, while you are roaming around various shops and stalls, you kids can have fun in those amusing playgrounds. The mall will offer all the things that you can ever dream of. After buying your favorite things, you can move to one of the restaurants on the second floor to have some sips of European-style coffee.

2.    Red Sea Mall

Though the mall is a perfect location for shopping, it is also a great place for history enthusiasts. There is an impressive walk of history section in the mall where the shoppers can marvel at the heritage stuff. You will be pleased to see the traditional decorations and paintings with which this section has been embellished. Several boutiques and historical paintings will certainly rejuvenate your interest in history. The Red Sea Mall also has prestigious furniture stores, from where you can get the artistic drawers, doors, and chairs. So, you should certainly come here to get several joys at once.

3.    Serafi Mega Mall

If you have more than just shopping in your mind, Serafi Mega Mall should be your best bet. The primary thing that makes this mall a popular spot is its fun arcade. This arcade has all the amusing and entertaining activities to make you happy. From bowling and carting laser tagging and virtual hunting, the mall has got everything covered. This arcade is placed with the food court on the topmost floor of the mall. Amazingly, there is also an ice rink that is used for skating and Ice Rides. Though you might not find a large number of shops here, the famous ones such and H&M and Victoria’s Secret would certainly be spotted here.

4.    Le Chateau

Unarguable, Le Chateau is one of the most scenic and beautiful malls in Jeddah. Its exterior is nothing short of an architectural wonder. It has been made with a highly-sophisticated design that contains the brand names. Its open-air place is quite famous and contains the names of well-known designers including D & G Kids and Versace. Though the mall does not have a specific section allocated to the food, it does have a number of restaurants to fulfill your hunger. The funny thing about the mall is that it also houses the Al Andalusia Dental Center. If you are from Pakistan, never forget to book Islamabad to Jeddah flights in advance to save your time and resources.

5.    Al Balad Shopping Area

Al-Balad, also referred to as Bab e Makkah is a place of historical significance. Here, you will find a shopping mall which, apart from offering high-quality products, also gives some history lesson to the visitors. People usually come here to buy the things that are available in bulk, including silk gourmets, silverware, and cardamom. However, never forget to bargain with the vendors on the prices because they might charge you exorbitantly by judging your appearance. The best time to come here is instantly after the Hajj as the pilgrims sell antiques to the local vendors here, which you can also buy.

6.    Ana Special

A mall that will never disappoint you! It is not only famous for its amazing décor but also because it has a number of local brand stores. Haroon Box and the Fash Flare are some of the local boutique stores that attract customers from all across the country. Other than that, the mall also has some cafes and restaurants that offer delicious cafes and drinks. To keep the local traditions alive, the mall also has some cafes that offer unique Arab coffee and kahwa. Bear in mind that the mall does not have any playground for kids, nor does it contain the supermarket.

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