Electronic Waste –A Distress of Modern World

Electronic waste is the waste generated from the world of electronics that we are surrounded by. The world of gadgets keeps on evolving with upcoming material that creates a chaos shrouding under the cosmos of technology.

Everything goes well with electronics if they are maintained and disposed of well. The world would be a happy space causing no trouble to the whole biosphere. Waste is the apt word for distress as nobody knows how to recycle or use it smartly. To know more about electronic waste,

There are three types of Distress mentioned below-

Three Distress

  1. A havoc to Nature- Air, water and soil gets contaminated gradually and cause great havoc in their life. The soil is the primary source to get affected then water gets polluted. Air is polluted with the emission of dangerous fumes that affect nature to a great scale and disbalances nature in a drastic way.
  2. All living beings endanger- The result of contaminated air, water and soil and overall the whole ecosystem distressing every living creature with battling with struggle with the life of no risk. People are unaware of the misery they are causing to all living creatures from the plant, animal to human beings. The next generation is being burdened with the uncontrolled problem of electronic waste leading them to diseases and life-threatening situations.
  3. Human gave life to it but eventually at the cost of his own life- It is a human being that brought new technologies like a laptop, mobile phones and many other e-gadgets. This product of a human being electronic in a name has many wonders but when this product gets dispose or in another way it becomes e-waste, then it ruins human being life and takes away the close members in life.

The Right Guide to avoid this Distress

The proper dumping technique or the other way to reduce this problem would be a smart way to tackle the distress. So, here are three ways to avoid or escape the effect of harmful chemicals inside it. One can recycle the obsolete e-waste minimizing distress in a great way as recycling is the best option to do by re-using it in the multiple other ways. Also, one the option of giving away the needy who can use the second-hand stuff well and considers it as a great blessing. In this way, it is also a blessing to you in return with happiness and joy. And not to forget the last idea of buying less of the e-products in the market. With the rapid technology era that we are heading too, it is not easy to say buy less but our increasing demands brings new gadgets in the market as there is no end to the greed of better to a person.

Say No Distress of E-waste and Say Yes to Everlasting Happiness

Yes, if we don’t stop our never-ending demanding nature for a better lifestyle, we can never conquer Self-control. Self-control a weapon to master in success ladder in one’s life and if we want to win the life race and not the electronic race then ultimate happiness is in our very own hands. Let us without regret give a full stop to electronic waste and start taking measures to safeguard our life and all the living beings life and not to forget to make a better world for the future generations. With the humdrum to attain sustainable environment for us and generations after we should start our own measures from today itself with our own hands by right handling the electronics in our house.



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