Why Is Education Important For Us?

‘‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’’,

rightly said by Nelson Mandela. Education is the primary need of every human being in this world, just like food, shelter, and clothing. Education is something you need as a backbone in your life. Education provides a foundation for dealing with every matter of your life, taking tough decisions and moving on for better and better. The quest for knowledge never ends; you start with your formal education in childhood and complete your Bachelors, pursue your career and learn even more each day, every day. The capabilities, strength, determination, courage, skills, abilities and knowledge of an educated person can never match that of an uneducated person. Education itself is a journey that starts when we are born and ends with the end of our lives. We deal with all the chapters and scenarios in our life based on what we have learnt in the past. Education contributes in every second of our lives. Our outlook on matters changes, we think differently. Perspectives determine the output and are developed by learning and experiences. Our life long journey of education is what makes us grow step by step like we ask for  can someone do my essay , making us more capable and proficient. Education answers all our curiosities; our thoughts are broadened, our views and opinions get more rational and concentrated and we can contribute to the betterment of society in a much better way. We become able to handle complex social problems and situations. More educated the people are, more civilized the society will be. Every individual is responsible to play his/her part for the well-being of society. Our individual lifestyles compile up to a happy and contended environment. The more educated we are, more able we are to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy, good and bad, un-prohibited and prohibited and fair and evil. A strong educational base leads towards a better career. You get better opportunities, better lifestyle, and intense motivation for innovation, knowledge and learning. The cognitive abilities and problem solving skills are shaped by acquiring education. It is very crucial to choose the best possible path at the right time and stand by your decision. More educated people are given the most responsible positions in our society. The policy makers and bureaucrats make strategies for a healthy and wealthy society. They try their best to solve the existing problems and put forward the best possible solution. They identify the ways to mitigate poverty. More educated a society is, less will be the problems like unemployment, food, shelter, poor health, child labor, early marriage, crime and offences. People understand the difference between good and bad and that how devastating criminal activities can be for this world. Educated people are more sensible. They think logically and act rationally. This world is like a race you have been landed in. If you lack behind a single day, there will be hundreds and thousands of people to replace you at the moment. You particular skills, knowledge and education is what makes you stand among a crowd. This is the time of competition, everyone will be better than you in a certain field and vice versa. It is education that helps to stand in this competitive world. Education makes you more powerful and fearless.

‘‘Education is power’’.

Knowledge has been the quest of man since early years of evolution and it will be till the day our planet exists. Humans are made to explore this world, learn more and more by each passing day and move towards revolution. History witnessed massive transformation by each passing century. Human journey towards development continues forever. Back to the stone age, people used stones to make equipments and tools. Houses were caves. Writings were carved on the walls of caves. Later on they started painting instead of carving. Similarly the methods of trade, medicine, construction, arts and architecture, business, music, teaching, everything kept on transforming day by day. And today, we are living in a totally different world. Every single thing is available at the tip of our finger. Technology has overpowered every field of life. From the matters of global affairs, world economy, business commodities, travelling great distances through airlines, landing on moon, sending satellites in space, successful treatments of incurable diseases to ordering our food, setting reminders, shopping online, communicating with our friends miles away, controlling our home appliances and what not, the world has now become a global village. And the foundation stone behind all this advancement is education, knowledge and never-ending quest for learning.

‘‘The only true wisdom is in knowing that you know nothing”.

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