Eco friendly travel tips

Wherever you go for a vacation today it is somewhat your duty to maintain cleanliness and respect the natural beauty of the place. Whether you have headed to the beach or the mountains to get the vibes of tranquility you should act responsibly to protect the environment while having fun.

There are certain things you can do and act in certain ways that can help conserve the beauty of the place in the long run. Things like avoiding plastic carry bags which take a lot of time to biodegrade can be a useful way to act responsibly. Similarly, you can also opt for eco-friendly accommodations and boutique hotels that are dedicated to support the local environment and maintain healthy practices.

There are certain kinds of tourist destinations where natural beauty demands a bit more responsibility from you. For Instance Alaska. Alaska is a state situated in the extreme northwest of the United States West Coast. Alaska is such a huge and vast place that its vastness overwhelms the small cities and towns in the state. Alaska is particularly a big state and therefore has many things to offer to its tourists and travelers. The natural beauty of the place can be explored while paddling, fishing, and hiking in its great and fiery outdoors. Alaska has some of the largest tourist attraction spots. Some of the finest national parks of the United States of America are located in the region of Alaska.

Alaska has some of the best tourist spots. Kenai Fjords National Park located right at the edge of the Kenai Peninsula happens to be a brilliant experience for the visitors from far and near as it displays 40 glaciers. The park has pristine lush forests, bears, and beautiful whales. If you are an avid explorer then you can explore the beauty of the park by navigating the fjord’s water on a boat tour or you can also hike through a glacier.

In Alaska lies Seward which was an ocean terminus of the now Alaskan Railroad. The popularity of Seward is not only confined to its natural beauty but also as the only deepwater in Alaska. It also has an ice-free port with rail.  Seward has an ever-impressive lively harbor and is a historic town. Seward is also rich in tidewater glaciers.

In Seward, you can do plenty of adventurous things. You can have adventurous trekking on the five-mile coastal trail to Caines Head. This Caines Head is rated as one of the top 10 hikes in Alaska or take a drive through the scenic Seward Highway. Such is the beauty of this place that it has been awarded the top rank in the scenic byways: An All American Road. You are bound to hit this driveway unless you are traveling to Seward by train or on a cruise ship.

The Harding Icefield is 300 square miles and is the producer of multiple major glaciers. One of them is the much-discussed Exit Glacier. Hiking the Harding Icefield trail could be a wise thing to do since you will be able to get the best views of the ancient mega glacier. It could be a great thing for you to witness.

There are plenty of Vacation rentals Seward Alaska. When you are staying at one such rental it is advisable that you treat them as you are home. Smoke tips are to avoid asking for clean towels when not necessary, save water, do not have long showers, and do turn off the television lights and air conditioners when not in use.

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