Does physical training in winter helps you burn more calories?

Winters have finally arrived when most of us feel like not moving out of the warm quilt, right? You must be wondering will your body be burning calories when it is trying to stay warm during the cold weather conditions.

As per estimates, it has been revealed that people who regularly work out during the winter season tend to lose weight faster in comparison to the summer season.

The reason behind this that depending on the cold weather we cover ourselves and when we begin our workout session in the gym our body tends to get warmer, says a qualified personal trainer with fitness certification.

Cautionary warning:

Please always make sure that you wear appropriate clothing as per the cold weather. Working out in extremely cold weather without wearing proper clothing can result in hypothermia and frostbite.

Does shivering really help you burn calories?

Many of us aren’t aware of the fact that our body really works hard to maintain the temperature during the winter season.

Let’s have a look at some of the key facts about shivering:

  • Did you know how your body maintains the temperature? You will be amazed to know that through shivering our body tries to maintain temperature during the winter season. Whether you are shivering while waiting for the bus at a bus stop or walking to the close by market during the temperature drop.
  • Shivering is quite similar to the sweating process. How?
  • Well, your body tries to cool down during the summer season through sweating. On the flip side, your body tries to warm during the winter season through shivering.
  • As per the recent studies, it has been estimated that when a person shivers for around 10 to 15 minutes it is equivalent to 60 minutes moderate exercise in the gym, says a qualified personal trainer with fitness certification.
  • Since shivering isn’t that comfortable thing to experience so it is always better not to rely on it for losing weight.

Exercises that you can do to warm up yourself before you start your work out session in the winter season:

Jumping jacks:

Jumping jacks are considered to be the best exercise provided you want to warm up your body before weight training. It is also good for raising your heart beat. So, you can do around 3 sets of 30 to 50 counts.

Body weight squats

Yet another most effective exercise that helps you target different muscle groups in your body. With this exercise, you can effectively target your quads, glutes, and hamstring.


Lunges also help you target different muscle groups in one go.

Wrapping up

Winter season isn’t a time to hibernate and eat to get fat. It is definitely a time to get out of your comfort zone and work out to stay fit.

If you are thinking about beginning to exercise during the winter season and want some to motivate you always, then we would recommend you to seek the assistance of a qualified personal trainer with fitness certification.


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