The Different Types of Penetration Testing

If your business involves sensitive data, it needs to be protected from hackers, and every data protection specialist would have a range of special penetration tests that they carry out to see if there are any weaknesses that a cyber-criminal might exploit. The best way to see if a computerised network is safe is to actually try to penetrate the system and steal confidential customer data, and the data protection company would employ top engineers who understand very well how hackers manage to get into online networks and steal valuable customer data. Here are just a few of the methods that are in use today.


  • External Penetration Testing – Called a Pen Test in the cyber industry, an external test would involve the data protection specialists try to hack into a company’s confidential data, and with Sydney penetration testing services available from a local expert, you can easily test whether or not your network is fully protected against hackers. This form of pen testing is carried out off-site, which accurately mimics what would happen if a malicious third party tried to hack into the network.

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  • Internal Penetration Testing – The internal pen test simulates what would happen if a disgruntled employee, who had a certain level of access, were to try and steal valuable data. This type of pen test is to try to identify ways that valuable data can be accessed from within the network, rather than from an external location, and the experts are on a par with the best hackers and use their talents to find weaknesses and plug any holes they might find.


  • Web Application Penetration Testing – This type of testing looks for weaknesses in web-based applications, which might be due to poor coding, and this sector is perhaps the busiest, as more and more businesses sell online, which means that sensitive credit card information is susceptible to cyber-theft. Web-based portals are becoming more and more complex as they grow, and for many expert hackers, this offers the least complex method of stealing financial data.

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  • Social Engineering Penetration Testing – This determines a network’s susceptibility to various threats through human email manipulation, and social media mining, where user’s critical data is often stolen. Attacks are usually centred around employees, as the hackers appear to ask for genuine requests, and reasons like wishing to pay an urgent invoice are used to gain access to critical data, and larger companies would be well-advised to send key personnel to special training courses that educate about the subtle ways social engineering hacks are performed.


There are cyber-security specialist companies that will come into your organisation and evaluate the security by carrying out a series of penetration tests, and with full documentation, you can be certain that your network is protected from unscrupulous hackers. Don’t take any chances, and talk to an expert cyber-security provider, who can assess your network’s vulnerability and take the necessary precautions to protect your critical data Refurbished iPhone.

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