A Detailed Guide to Setting Up Safety Steps Properly

When you’ve decided that you need to use step up the ladder to complete a certain task, it is vital to set it up properly. Without proper set up, you could end up using it incorrectly and you could end up landing yourself in a troublesome situation. Here’s a sneak peek into the detailed guide on how to properly set up safety steps.

Safety Steps also are known as rolling step, safe step or square step, these type of steps are widely used in almost every type of industry. These compact and stable safety steps are designed to help workers reach up to places where it is difficult to reach with the help of platform or ladder.

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Check the labels and the markings

The first step should be to inspect the labels and markings on the safety steps. The labels in detail tell you the load rating, how much weight the safety steps can support and so on.

The weight mentioned comprises of your weight as well as the tools you carry up the safety steps with you.

Inspect the safe or square step

Prior setting up the safety steps Perth, make sure to thoroughly inspect them for any cracks, defected brackets, corroded rivets, or any other type of damage.

Also, make sure on your part to thoroughly inspect the slip resistant feet. On your part, be confident that the rolling steps is free from all or any slippery material such as grease or oil.

How to properly set up safety steps

Now, when you’re fully aware that you are required to read the labels and marking as well as fully inspect the safety steps, it’s time to properly set it up. The first thing you should do is open the spreader and shelf so that the braces look in place.

Once the safety steps are completely opened from top to bottom, the next step is to check the stability. It is necessary to check the stability to ensure whether or not it is safe to use. Now when you use, take care that the feet of the safe step are firmly placed on a levelled surface and it won’t slip out of place.

Next thing that needs to be taken care of is that the rolling steps is placed at the right angle to the work you need to perform. This means that the rolling step should remain close to the work you are doing or you’re about to do.

When you have climbed up the safety steps, avoid pushing and pulling from side and face especially when you are climbing up and down. It is always recommended to maintain three points of contact whenever using any type of ladder.

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The above mentioned simple yet detailed guide if followed diligently helps you to set up the safety steps properly and use it safely without facing any adverse consequences or fatal injuries. It is vital to remain safe at the workplace or home whenever using any type of safety steps Brisbane. Any mismanagement or carelessness can put you or someone else at very hazardous risk.


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