Design and Construction Engineering Services

Have you ever passed a highway, bridge, dam, flyover, or underpass and questioned “how was it developed?” and “who were people who developed this?”. Well, this relates to how a task is performed, and by the end of it, you will understand the core elements of the structure and building market and the functions of the business, professional, and expert.


At first, comes the term “Employer” which explains (in the world of Civil Engineering) any public/private business. Businesses usually pick a specific under the name of “The Project Director”. The Project Director is liable to higher authorities for task expenditure, releasing payments, and timely execution of tasks.

Then comes the “Consultants” who are dealt with for their design and construction engineering services in Abu Dhabi.

Businesses set up the rights for dealing with professionals for their design and structural engineering services or they do it by themselves nevertheless the standard practice is that professionals are dealt with.

At last, comes the “Contractor”, who is liable for the execution of the job from winning quotes to anticipate winding up in coordination with “The Engineer” designated by Employer.

What is the Bidding Process?

As quickly as the professionals are dealt with to provide design and structure and building engineering services, there is 2 type of quotes that the expert effectively fills and send out. The extremely first one is “Technical quote”, which includes all the technical requirements provided by the Employer or Consultants such as experience, labor force, devices, audit reports, financial status, method, and many other technical aspects. “Financial quote” consists of all the details rates of the works, item, labor force, and works to be performed.

After quote submission by numerous different professionals to the business, they are either taken a look at based upon their technical quotes or in case of financial quote opening the most budget-friendly one is offered the work.

? Project Guarantee

Job Guarantee is a service warranty generally provided by banks or insurance coverage company on behalf of the Contractor. This guarantee makes that particular company liable to invest for the repair and repair in case of any damage after the work is done.

? Contract completing

After getting the approval, a contract is checked in between the Contractor, Project Director, and The Engineer. The arrangement usually consists of a set of standards under which the professional is needed to perform the works designated. This set of standards are also altered in several cases, totally counting on the nature of the job and the situations under which the works require to be performed. These sets of standards are generally extracted from FIDIC’s different editions.

? Staff Mobilization

As quickly as the contract is signed, the Contractor has a limited period to launch their devices, labor force, and develop their camps. Release of the devices is similarly dependent upon the contract if gone over in the plan that all the devices to be present at the same time and up till conclusion of the job then the expert is bound to launch all of the mentioned devices at the same time and can not trigger devices till the surface area date of the job.

? Project Execution

The Contactor is used through illustrations for the execution of the job. The Engineer is liable to use illustrations trigger to the Contractor and The Engineer requires to analyze and support the quality of the work, the plan is being followed, and ensure if the Contractor is quickly carrying out the works designated to them. If any concern occurs throughout the task then the Contractor notifies The Engineer and The Engineer makes sure the smooth blood circulation of work.

The structure activities are usually divided into parts fretting time. When the Contractor winds up a specific part of the task, they request the payments to be released for that particular works. One after the other, the Contractor performs all parts of the tasks under the tracking of the Engineer and the Employer till the task is finished.

When the last payment is made to the Contractor then starts the maintenance period of the task. This period explains the period in which the job is under watch and in case any fault is found then the Contractor is liable to repair, fix, and even reconstruct that particular part of the task.


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