Have some Delicious Food at Kesar Da Dhaba, Amritsar

Just like Amritsar is synonymous with Golden Temple, it is also known for its rich food culture. Amritsar is land to some of the best dhabas which serve finger licking food dipped in ghee. From rich creamy Dal Makhani to melt in mouth kebabs, these dhabas prepare everything. Some of the best dhabas you should head to in Amritsar are Kesar Da Dhaba, Bhrawan Da Dhaba, Pal Dhaba, Bittu Meat Wala and Kanha Sweets among others.

One of the most popular veg dhabas is the Kesar Da Dhaba, Amritsar located in the narrow lanes of Chowk Passion. Finding this dhaba won’t be tough as everybody knows about this popular dhaba. The eatery is tucked in one corner and looks like a humble dhaba with a limited seating space, so you always end up waiting for your chance. Kesar D Dhaba, Amritsar was started by Lala Kesar Man and his wife in the year 1916. Amritsar was not the original location of the eatery. The couple had first set up their dhaba in Sheikhpura near Lahore where they sold dal and roti. It was after the partition in 1947 that they moved to Amritsar and worked their way up to create a massive fan following. The most selling dish at Kesar Da Dhaba is the Kali or the Dal Makhani which is prepared overnight for almost 12 hours. This is one patent dish everyone asks for when they visit this popular dhaba. The people at Kesar Da Dhaba starts preparing the dal at 4 pm and cook it till 4 am in the morning before opening the shutters. The humble eatery is also known for preparing the best thalis in Amritsar. The offer a Parantha Thali which which is a proper meal consisting of Dal Makhani, Palak Paneer, Punjabi Chole, Cucumber Raita and Lachha Parantha. All the dishes are prepared in desi ghee and are well spiced.

Another popular dhaba is the Bhrawan Da Dhaba which is another popular dhaba located near Golden Temple. This is also a vegetarian dhaba which totally satisfies all your Punjabi food cravings. You should try the Make Ki Roti & arson Ka Saag. It has a perfect dining atmosphere with old-fashioned ambience, standing fans and a crowd visiting on a regular basis. Amritsar is also ver popular for Amritsar Kulchas and the best place for them is Kanha Sweets which is situated on Lawrence Road. It is a popular sweet shop cum dhaba which offers lip-smacking vegetarian food.  If you go here on weekends you can witness a bunch of hungry souls gathered for breakfast. Everyone can be seen eating the crispy Amritsar Kulchas with chole. Also, don’t forget to have their lassi.

There are also dhabas which favour to the meat eaters. One of them is Pal Dhaba located near Hathi Gate which is run by its proprietor who also works as a chef there. The dhaba is known for Hooves which is a delicacy well spiced with garam masala, chilli, lentils and is best paired with keema parantha.

Another famous non-vegetarian dhaba is Bittu Meat Wala which was founded by S. Davinder Singh Bittu. A very popular meat shop located Jhajgarh, Amritsar. The eatery is very famous for its chicken, mutton and fish delicacies. People are often seem ordering the Mutton Raan when here. Watch Kesar Da Dhaba review video On Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66U2Ccof5Pw

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