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February, 2013. Barack Obama is in the White House. McMorever and Ren Lewis are chatting the ‘Theft Shop’. Harlem Shake is taking the internet from the storm. And a Dodge for Dreams, Arma II, has become such a hit, Bohemia Interactive plans in a movement to transform into a complete game. Part survival sandbox, part social experience, mode 64 players Soviet position throw in Sovietapolis, sit back, and make them their own fun. Best PC games to play in 2019 for free Five years later and Dausz is running for a steady initial period. And, okay, nothing has changed. The very strange thing about the fact is that the daytime is still tensile, its lower edge, the small car, the zombie, and the extent to which it is possible to survive as soon as possible to survive. It’s incredible that in 1.0 releases, there are still problems that are around Alpha days. But honestly, I did not have much hope. For better or worse, this is exactly the game I miss, wars and all.

NMGAME.COM You still have to walk to the mail to meet with friends. The zombies are still trapped in the walls or just fail to ignore you. You can just crush the whole city for a dirty jacket, tin opener, and to find the trains. And the possibilities you will be beaten by some unusual sniper, usually after seconds you feel good, always more. At least his woven cadres have finally been resolved. Experienced players will remember the difficulty of climbing on a ladder and neutral dead climbing at its bottom.

If you do not have an account yet, register now! I’m sorry to hear from you. Minutes minutes, it’s about outstanding game as outstanding. You have the least low parade parade for thirst, hunger, temperature, and so on arrangements and it can have the opportunity to survive due to the general lack of items. Instead of bumping for a mile in a city in desks, just not to be afraid to see the open lie doors: One definitely has to indicate that someone has already done it and no doubt at all Robbed.

But it completes the unwanted atmosphere of the game. The map, Chernarus, is the former Soviet Union, and is torn into trouble. You feel that it will be a unwanted place to lose even before missing. But especially there is a lot of beauty in the rolling form, dense forest and northeast. This is a wonderful setting, and after the more familiar West apocalypses which is usually a welcome change of the importance of these games.

The biggest concentration of players is around cities and military bases. Where the best return is found often – you can travel in the wild. When I play Dansz, I run continuously, traveling between other cities, signs, and other views of interest, to catch whatever I can, to avoid trouble. But this means running very unnecessary. There are vehicles, but they are often wasting parts or fuels, and can be a real task for a solo player to detect them.

The game sandb box nature means ‘get ready’ will be the main goal of more and more players: gun, amo, pendage, food, drink, and maybe find a good helmet or something. But more and more, the game becomes more nervous range, because you know that you are just one trigger – a happy surviver or a furious solid away by losing it all. I really love him, because his death means something. When you die, randomly untouched place is placed at randomly starting point, and it is known that every decision is especially risky, with other players. .

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