A Creative Exhibition Stand Can Grab Attention

Experiential marketing is becoming the central factor for many blue-chip brands because it has some significance that other marketing channels fail to deliver.  For instance, a product launch can bring better results than a television ad that promotes your product. So, why experiential marketing is more effective and meaningful?

Beat the passivity of ATL:

If you run television ad, then you are not engaging your audience with a conversation. In fact, it is a one-way communication that is passive. Some might respond and some might just ignore but when you run a tradeshow, you actively engage your audience. And that gives you the opportunity to make meaningful brand communication.

In addition, it gives you the opportunity to make a human connection. For instance, if you can hire groomed event promotion staffs, then they can showcase your brand ideology in a more humane way, which would help you in making a lasting impression. Let’s find out what makes a good exhibition.

What makes a good exhibition?

The first thing that attracts your audience is your presentation and that starts with your exhibition stand. That means you have to find exhibition stand design companies that can design your stand. Here are some components that you should take care of while designing stand.

  • A lot of companies say that a creative stand that is attention grabbing can make all the difference. Therefore, you should design a creative stand
  • Make sure that you find exhibition stand contractor UAE that can design a stunning exhibition stand
  • Involve your marketing team while planning to design your stand because this would help you in designing perfect stand

Creativity is objective, not subjective:

A lot of design companies would love to be extremely creative by making your stand look flashy and trendy but you should remember the fact that it is not how it looks. In fact, you should take care of the functionality.

For instance, if you are exhibiting in a cluttered and small venue, then you should have a stand that is minimalistic to attract more customers. A cluttered design at a suffocating small venue is a recipe for failure. That means you have to look at the dimension of the stand, the dimension of the venue before drawing out your stand design. If you are exhibiting at an oval shape venue, then make sure that you create a stand that complements the venue. A rectangular stand might just look odd in such a place.

In a nutshell, you should find exhibition stand builders Dubai that can differentiate between creativity and functional design. The design should essentially be functional. The style, color tone, placement of brand elements like logo and slogan must be strategically placed.

exhibition stand contractor Dubai

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Find the right company:

The first thing that you should do while searching for the exhibition stand design and contractor Dubai is to find an experienced company that has already created stands for bigger brands. You should make sure that you look at the company’s profile and verify what kind of brands they have worked for before.

Make sure that you verify their sense of creativity by looking at some of their previous designs. They should also offer you a design blueprint before giving you the final product. A prototype would help you in understanding how your stand would look in the real setting.

Finally, you should find out about the cost of the design. With a little research, you should be able to find the best company that can offer you cost-friendly design solution. You must also verify the quality of the materials that they use. Since the world is moving towards sustainability, you must find a company that uses eco-friend materials.

If you want to take advantage of the experiential marketing, then you should have a great stand. Since this would be your first impression you should be serious about it. And for that, you should find exhibition stand contractor Dubai that can do the job perfectly.

It is time to gain competitive advantage and make brand communication in a human level through events and exhibitions and a good stand can take you far. All you have to do is to find the right designer.

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