Creating Healthy and Safe Interiors for Your Office Space

The physical space we work in every day has a strong impact on our health and wellbeing. With the pandemic at large, most companies have started investing a lot into redesigning their office spaces to make them healthier, safer, and more productive along with instilling a sense of belonging. With all these benefits, investing in a physical space has actually become quite popular and every company wants their employees to feel comfortable and safe while making the best out of any given layout. Architects and builders are also incorporating different elements in a workspace to create the ideal sanctuary for employees to be creative and happy so that they are more productive and revolutionize office culture.

What does it take to feel well and safe at work?

What makes a workplace healthy and safe? Right from the construction of offices, natural light, safe furniture, and clean air to the lighting and control of reverberation and detailing. Each office space needs to be designed with a lot of architectural moves that are critical to human physical and mental wellbeing including design, effective detailing, versatility, and safe surroundings. A few ways to create a safe interior for your office space is:

Indoor air quality-

Well-designed, installed and functional lighting systems as well as mechanical and plumbing systems will produce a healthy indoor environment. Natural light coming in will give the space a more natural feel to it, besides this also have systems which filter out pathogens, virus, and bacteria from the occupant breathing zone. Check your humidity, airflow, and pressure along with smart controls and sequence of operations, filtration systems, and more so that the air is continuously circulated and prevents the spread of potential allergens and pathogens.

Handwashing and sanitization-

Hand washing and sanitation need to be approached with a strong infrastructure as well as a behavior issue. This means that your space clearance in sinks needs to be done, certain touchpoints to wash your hands without touching the tap, and a soap dispenser that allows you to no opportunity to transmit pathogens. Ensure that the water temperature and pressure are high enough to support handwashing and that handwashing sinks and sanitizers are available on every floor and within reach. Lights can also be placed over the sink to provide a visual cue on timings.

Clean and care for your surfaces-

Virokill laminate from CenturyLaminates is created with special nanotechnology that kills microbes, viruses, bacteria, and more on contact. This keeps your surfaces clean and safe for your employees. Laminates can weather high temperatures, moisture, heat, humidity, and more and are easy to install, clean, and maintain – they can be installed as a surface solution for desks, cupboards, shelves, and much more at your workplace and can last for a very long time making them an ideal investment. You only need a dry microfibre cloth and a mild detergent to clean it and it gives your workplace a warm and friendly feeling.

The Bottom Line

Laminate sheets are widely used in workplaces, homes, commercial and residential buildings are often preferred due to their durability, ability to kill germs and viruses, and it is long-lasting and easy to maintain. If you are rethinking your office space, be sure to pick a reliable and trustworthy manufacturer who will be able to amp up your office so it remains safe for your employees while looking professional and aesthetically pleasing.

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