Court your organizational success by proper planning!

The recent infographic by The Strategy Institute on organization’s agility in 2019, stressed on quite a valid point of success plan. It highlighted the fact that success is about 20% skills and 80% strategy. And it also emphasized that while business executives, business strategy professionals and top management may know how to succeed but the important point here is about the plan – how do you plan to succeed.

The infographic featured a survey done by Deloitte wherein it was revealed that about 90% of executives felt that agility and collaboration (with other business with same interests) were crucial for their organization’s success. But at the same time they also asked one of the relevant questions that how can they measure the agility of their organization and if there were any standards that will help strategy planners to come up with concrete plan for measuring agility of their organization.

Yes, there are certain yardsticks by which any organization can measure the agility and can plan ahead to be always on the path of success. The benchmarks being – strategy, process, technology, structure and people – are said to have an important effect on the agility of your organization. You can incorporate each of these in your organization to court success and be agile as well.

It was quite clear from the infographic that strategy will always play a crucial role in your organization’s success. So proper strategic planning has to be in place before you start courting success for your organization. It also made clear that people and technology are also vital in this age of tech-savvy and talent scarce world.

All in all, the infographic laid emphasis not only on agility but also on the other factors related to it that will ensure that your organization is agile enough.

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