The Amazon Web Services are a set of Cloud IaaS stages providing processing power in the form of storage and Tech solutions for businesses through a set of virtual computers. It has many different interfaces or software that you can work on according to your needs. Though, using the Amazon S3 and glacier together is the smartest way to go. Find out why below.

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Here is all you need to know to compare these two types of services that Amazon provides and choose the right one for your firm:-

Amazon S3:

  • Amazon Simple Storage Service is a cloud computing and storage platform given by AWS. S3 uses a similar scalable storage interface as that of com itself. S3 has its own unique file command systems in place being very durable. Data is stored in buckets that are logical registers of data. S3’s shared responsibility model ensures data security for users. S3 can be used for Amazon WordPress hosting by companies as well as used as a virtual processor and storage area for files and documents. When hosting the content of a website, the data can be cached by CloudFront network. API’s provide east data movements and transfer acceleration let’s large files be uploaded in seconds anywhere.

Pros of S3-

  1. Extremely scalable.
  2. Free service for a year and then very cheap
  3. Almost free for smaller businesses.
  4. High-speed setup with or without a CDN.
  5. Zero security risks as servers are manages by Amazon itself.


  1. Doesn’t support SFTP, so a more confusing web interface is used.
  2. Too many permissions available to the public have to be reset for security.
  3. Constant payment after free trial necessary every month to not lose the storage and data with it.

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It’s used for-

  • Data Archiving
  • Large Data Analytics
  • Cloud-native app Data
  • Disaster Recovery
  • WordPress hosting
  • Amazon CloudFront Content Delivery System
  • The S3 Infrequently Accessed reduces cloud usage cost without increasing recovery time further.
  • Self back up.

Amazon Glacier:

  • The Amazon Glacier is an online data storage platform that allows data archiving with Glacier is for long-term infrequently used data storage. Prices are from

$0.004 per GB of storage which makes it a lot cheaper than the S3 which is in turn used for regularly for file storage. Data is stored in vaults which send out messages whenever an operation takes place. S3 data can be put into glacier after it’s been stored for a long time in S3.

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Pros of Glacier-

  1. Storage of old enterprise backups possible.
  2. Log files and processing source files can be stored too.
  3. Very economical. No extra payments for something you don’t use.
  4. Extremely durable- as Amaiszon stores your data on various devices across the world, data cannot be lost due to issues in one particular system.
  5. It has built-in self-healing featured that ride the user of repeated data verifications.
  6. Accessible to everyone.
  7. One of your data is stored in glacier, and you don’t have to back it up repeatedly.


  1. Retrieving data back from glacier can be very It can sometimes take several hours.
  2. Taking out data larger than 1GB costs you.

It’s used for-

  • Multimedia storage
  • Employee healthcare documents maintenance.
  • Company regulatory protection
  • Research information Storage
  • Document safekeeping

Therefore, S3 amazon WordPress hosting is used for fast retrievals and performance and Glacier when you don’t need speed but a lot of storage.

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