Comparing Laminate Flooring with Hardwood Flooring

Now-a-day, there is a trend to make homes look different and beautiful. The people do this by adapting to the new process of installing wooden flooring in their homes. The flooring process makes quite an impact on the interior of a house. People often change the flooring of their homes to make an impression in the society. This not only elevates the stature and the visual appeal of your home, but also establishes a sophisticated social status for you.

There are various types of flooring available in the market. The majority of the people prefer the laminate flooring or hardwood flooring. There is even a reclaimed wood flooring, within the hardwood flooring industry which is gaining popularity. Due to the variety of options available, people generally tend to get confused when it comes to choosing the flooring type. The general trend is to make a decision between laminated and hardwood flooring which have more or less similar features.

Comparison between laminate and hardwood flooring

As mentioned above both the flooring types are similar but not the same. There are various differences and are famous for their own set of specialties. Both the flooring types are most commonly used from their qualities and their uniqueness. Here are the differences between laminate flooring and hardwood flooring-

  1. Price– the price of the material matters when it comes to selecting flooring for their homes. The laminate flooring is cheaper as compared to the hardwood flooring in both raw material cost as well as the expenditure which is to be incurred in the installation process. This is because laminate flooring is just an imitation of hardwood. The price of hardwood flooring is higher because it is made from harvested trees.
  2. Durability– The second thing that is given prior attention by the consumers is the durability of the flooring. The laminate flooring has a limited amount of lifespan for up to a minimum of ten years of use till a maximum of twenty-five years. Whereas the hardwood flooring is more durable and last longer. The laminate flooring is deployed in more traffic areas as it is easier to clean as compared to the hardwood flooring.
  3. Repairing– The repairing of laminate flooring is complicated and can’t be adequately done. However, it is known to be better at maintenance and simple to clean. Whereas the hardwood floors can be repaired easily by sanding, refinishing and waxing processes.
  4. Materials used– The laminate flooring is known to be an imitation of hardwood using a combination of recycled and synthetic materials for its production. The hardwood flooring, on the other hand, uses 100% organic material which is real and pure wood that is obtained from harvested trees.

The differences between the two do matter and must be considered as per the needs and wants of an individual and their home. They might use the reclaimed wood flooring, laminate flooring or hardwood flooring based upon their perspective on beauty.

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