Common iPhone Problems and the Solutions

There is no doubt that Apple has made some major changes in the quality and performance of its current flagship phones. Issues such as faster battery consumption and connections that were once overlooked have been considered and improved. However, sometimes we find ourselves struggling with one or the other iPhone problem. In this blog, we have listed 5 common problems and their solutions for the iPhone.

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1. Black Screen/Dead screen

When your phone screen turns black or iPhone is turned on and there is nothing you can do, nothing is more troublesome. Someone hears the phone ring when making a call, but the black screen cannot answer the call, the phone gets stuck on the black screen after the firmware update, and even faces some problems when updating iOS.

The reason behind this problem may be hardware or software; however, in most cases, it may be caused by a software failure. Please follow the steps below to fix the iPhone black screen problem and restart the device.

Press and quickly release the volume up button. Press and quickly release the volume down button. Press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears.

If your iPhone still won’t turn on or can’t start, you need to plug in your device and let it charge for an hour. After a few minutes, you will see the loading screen. This should correct your black screen error.

2. iPhone BatteryProblem

Battery is something that all iPhone users tend to complain about. Please follow the steps below to fix iPhone battery issues.

Turn off push mail:

Settings >Accounts and passwords>Get new data >Disable. Press the top, scroll down, and Set recovery to 15 minutes. Change each email account for recovery.

Perform a battery check:

Go to Settings>Battery. Scroll down to find two numbers, one is for the user and the other is reserved. Check these two numbers and make sure that the used quantity is very low compared to the reserved quantity. Write down the number and lock your phone. Open it again after 5 minutes and check the numbers. If the waiting time is 5 minutes longer than your phone, that’s okay. However, if your usage increases by more than one minute, there is a problem.

Go to Settings > Battery and check the list of apps and their impact on battery. Uninstall apps that consume too much battery and use alternative apps. However, there may be some applications that will drain your battery, but you cannot survive without them. There are alternatives.

Go to General>Background App Update. This will prevent them from using the battery when not in use.

If you find that your application is running abnormally, you can check the App Store. One of your applications may have a pending update. Perform the update, and then confirm that your phone is not running out of battery power.

Sometimes, location services can also drain the iPhone’s battery.

Go to Settings>Privacy>Location Services, and turn it off. Use it only when needed. Weak service areas can also cause the battery to drain because your iPhone is trying to receive the signal. Go to your control center and switch to airplane mode until you leave the area. You may like the True Tone display, but it consumes battery life. Automatic brightness is the best way to solve this problem. However, sometimes the sensors do not work properly, in this case, you can adjust them manually.

Those were the common iPhone issues and what to do to fix them. If, however, the fixes do not work and you have to take your phone to some repair center, please consider taking them to a center that buys wholesale iPhone parts in USA. That way, you’ll get genuine spares for your iPhone if needed.


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