Clever Hacks for Storing Your Designer Handbags

Handbags are the most valuable commodity for a woman; they are used for carrying many of essential things around for us and not only that they are best for accessorising and completing your look. 

Carry while shopping, they are best to hold your money, phone, water bottle, a little snack, wipes and any other thing you might need while moving around. On the other hand, for attending an evening party, pair your dress with a stylish clutch that can add sparks to your overall look. 

Importance of keeping your handbags organised

It is very important to keep handbags organised, this will keep them away from damage and dust. A spotless handbag is very important while making an appearance. A well-dressed person makes the best impression so always make it a point to carry neat handbag along with a good outfit. However, how do you store your handbags while they are not in use is a big question. 

A handbag needs to be organised and stored properly and for that, you need to have good storage ideas that will help to keep them safe and clean. Here are some suggestions that you can follow for storing your handbag.

Use of cubbies and boxes

These are containers that are quite spacious when it comes to keeping your handbag and come with beautiful patterns in the display, which makes storing even more exquisite. You can keep handbags according to the frequency of your use, the rarely used one can be kept at the back of the closet or inside the plastic covering and tuck them in the storage unit. 

The advantage of using boxes and cubbies are they come in various patterns and colours, size, layout along with a lot of room for keeping more than one handbag at a time.

Use hooks

These are the easiest way of storing handbags; you can scale hooks inside your closet or

Onboard on a wall, and hang your handbag on them. When you use hooks, the handbags will be easily visible to you and will stay within reach ability. 

Use handbag organisers

The way purchasing branded handbags online has become easy; you can buy many organisers online too, to store those expensive handbags. You can easily hang them vertically in your closet or behind a door that is quite helpful in saving lit of space especially for bulky bags like a tote handbag.

Try shelf dividers

If you keep your handbags on the allotted shelf then try using shelf dividers, this will keep all your handbags positioned, separated and easily on reach whenever needed. 

Shower curtain rings

Storing handbags with curtain rings is quite easy; all you have to do is hang them from handles into the ring and you are good to go. 

Use of high shelves in the closet 

Usually, high shelves get stored with unused things and rarely used items of the closet. Clean that out and use that for storing handbags instead, it will be easier to access handbags especially when you are in a rush and want to match the handbag with the chosen attire. 

Arrange your handbags according to different dimensions

Keep your handbags according to colour, size, style or layout. Like smaller to bigger sized handbags. This will keep your bags separated and easy to search through.

Use of bookcase 

You can keep a bookcase to store all your handbags neatly. This will give you ample space to store your entire handbag. Choose a bookcase with a glass door so that it can remain dustproof and is visible to you as well. 

Summing up

Handbags need proper care and attention, especially for long survival. They need to keep them covered in plastic dust proof covers and away from harsh sunlight to ensure their safety. This will keep them protected for a longer time. While buying a handbag from online or from a store ensure that you get a cover for storing a handbag. 

Like if you are looking for tote bags online, ensure that the seller provides a proper box or cover along with the tote bag you ordered. When you keep your handbag organised and store them properly, this will keep them protected and will stick around with you for a longer period. 

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