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Many companies are struggling because of a bad choice of innovation consulting firm. Leaders select these consultants in a hurry, following the tempting offerings. To better choose an innovation consulting firm, take a look at these tips.

The use of a consultancy service falls broadly into 3 types of needs:

 Procedure: your need is defined, the problem is known, just apply the correct method. You are looking for an expert of the method. Example: ISO 9001 certification.

Problem solving

The central question that motivates the use of outside help is “what is the problem?” The consultant is expert in a specific area. Especially the Cost Management Dubai service is very important here.

Example problem: “Why sales do not take off?” In this case, the expert consultant in business strategy makes a diagnosis to understand the causes of stagnation sales and made recommendations to reverse the trend.


Understanding what is happening, unraveling a situation. The consultant intervenes here on a more complex problem, not necessarily related to a particular field. The situation is blurry.

The consultant conducts a diagnosis to clarify the situation, ask the right questions, etc. We are on more general issues with many possible ramifications – for example, the recovery of a business.

Method for choosing a consultant 

Defining precisely your needs and the associated objectives in a set of specifications

This reflection or pre-diagnosis is important. They condition the good choice of the consultant. Take the time to write point by point the reasons for your request:

  • Include contextual elements to help counselors understand why the need exists (creating a new service, competitive pressure, etc.).
  • Explain the constraints on the project (budget, organizational). This gives information on the margin of maneuver left to the professional to carry out his consulting mission.
  • Define the resources available (work group, key user, etc.).

Specify the scope of the mission 

The processes, services are the ones on which it will be able to intervene, the geographical perimeter, especially in Sub-Contract Management Dubai.

Prepare a general presentation of your company 

The consultant must be able to really enter the skin of your structure to understand the why of how and all interactions.

List important projects in progress or not yet launched: To prevent the mission from interfering with another present or future site.

Write down the objectives

They must be encrypted. For example: reduce absenteeism by 20% in 1 year. This formulation of needs can be amended afterwards after your exchanges with the cabinets with the service of Bills of Quantities Dubai.

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Define the needs of the company

Before hiring the services of an innovation consulting firm, think first about defining the basic needs of your business. Set the motivations for your request. To do this:

  • Start by inspecting the constraints on your budget or your company
  • Determine the different resources available to you
  • Study the main missions
  • Write a presentation of your business in general
  • Make a checklist of projects in progress or waiting to be launched
  • Finally, quantify the goals of your business.

By following this method, you may be able to determine the reasons for the need for an innovation consulting firm. 

Skills in the field 

Before validating your choice, carefully inspect the firm’s expertise in the field, including its specializations such as service innovation or industrial innovation. Study his experiences as well as his qualifications.

This assessment is essential to measure the understanding of your situation by the consulting firm. These criteria are essential as they determine the consultant’s ability to solve your problem.

You have the right to ask for proof of previous missions to confirm your skills. Following the compilation of the data, evaluate the main missions proposed by the firm to achieve the objectives. Finally, consider the cost of service. The Contractor Prequalification Dubai services are available accordingly also. 

Last word: Inspect their mode of operation

The mode of operation of the cabinets corresponds to the ultimate criterion of choice. This criterion involves the study of the working methods adopted by the firms. Take into account the different tools at their disposal to ensure their functions.

During their work, check the relevance of their intervention. An innovation consulting firm must offer solutions adapted to the needs of companies in order to dominate the market.

Between the different consulting entities, choose innovation consulting firms such as UMI. The UMI innovation consulting firm offers a market research and innovation management of your company.

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