Chimney Relining in your Home

One of the most important parts of your chimney is lining. When it comes to the point of chimney relining in your home, you should know the different types and importance of lining. Chimney relining may be costly, but you should consider it as an important aspect of the safety of your fireplace and home.

What is Chimney Relining?

If you use your fireplace for a long, most types of the chimney flue or liner will eventually become worse which can be a hazard to your fireplace. The chimney relining is often required when your current liner gets damaged or facing any other issues. Liners are most important because they channel heat and gas up to the top of the chimney and protect heat from the combustion material around the chimney from the fire. If you found that your chimney liner is cracked, you should definitely need a chimney relining before you use the fireplace next time. There is professional chimney lining company which offers great services in relining your chimney. Chimney relining London may be costly but it ensures the safety of your home from any of unexpected fire accidents.

You may know the importance of your chimney cleaning and relining and know about the primary functions of the chimney liners that you may not know.

  • A chimney liner protects the heat transfer to combustible materials of the building from catching fire.
  • The gases created from the fireplace materials can be acidic which may also destroy the chimney mortar. It may also lead to the leakage of harmful gases into the home. A proper chimney liner helps to protect from those hazards.
  • A chimney liner should be in a perfect size to fit in the appliance. You should make sure with your stove installer London to make the exact chimney lining while the fireplace installation. A wrong sized liner may result in the excessive building of creosote in your chimney and produces deadly gases.

Types of Chimney Liners

While planning to make with chimney relining, you should know about the types of chimney liners available. Choose the best chimney liners which fit the most for your fireplace to avoid further expenses in replacing the fireplace or chimney. A professional chimney lining company will ensure all the aspects of liner installation which offers you the peace of mind about the work. If you don’t have a liner, you should definitely get one installed before using your fireplace.

Metal Flue Liners

Stainless steel flue relining or lining is recommended by most of the chimney lining company because it actually holds a lifetime guarantee. There are also available of different metal liners, but stainless steel liners are preferred most. These chimney liners are flexible and in rigid formats. You should consult with your stove installer London Company before making with your lining. Stainless steel lining may be costly yet recommended by most of chimney lining company due to its lifetime.

Clay Tile Liners

Clay tile liners are less expensive and these type of liners are a traditional favorite for most homeowners. If the chimney relining is made with a proper installation of clay tile liners, it may last for 50 years and even more. Clay tile flues can withstand the high energy of heat and the corrosive deposits of any type of fuel. A regular chimney cleaning is only required for the maintenance of these type of liners.

 Cast-in-place Liners

Chimney relining or new flue can be created with poured cement processes called cast-in-place liners. They can also withstand a high amount of heat energy, harmful gases, and condensation. It may also reduce the accumulation of creosote as the cast-in-place liners have excellent insulation property. It may also last long for 5 decades and also recommended by most of the chimney lining company.

So, before making your decision with chimney relining, you can consult with the professional chimney relining London Company to know the best suit liners for your fireplace.

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