Causes of Migraines and Its Treatment Options

Migraines are severely painful, explosion-like headaches which are accompanied by strange odours, blurry vision, vomiting and sometimes even prickling sensation in limbs. They can last for hours, while in severe cases, patients report it for days. Migraines obstruct with your daily life activities and cause massive havoc in your routine. The pain is not only limited to your head but spreads as weakness through your whole body, gradually.


No one yet knows the actual cause of migraines, not even the best neurologist in India. But following are some triggers which might activate your dormant migraines in no time:

  • Extreme Emotions

Stress, sadness, depression, nervousness or anxiety, fear, excitement, all are extreme edges of a person’s emotions. Undergoing these moods might trigger your migraine.

  • Particular Food Products

Alcohol and caffeine are the two food products which are widely recognised as migraine-inducing ones. Except these, some people may also find chocolate, fruits and veggies with citric acid, cheese, as inedible.

  • Incorrect Postures and Wrong Habits

Irregular dietary and sleeping patterns, wrong sitting/bending/exercising/sleeping postures might also trigger migraines. Tiredness, fatigue or low blood pressure might even be one of the reasons for the same.

  • Environmental Factors

Passive smoking, strong odours, irritating or loud sounds, extremely bright objects, and sudden temperature fluctuations can also set off these headaches.

  • Hormones and Medicines

Women during their menstrual cycles or pregnancy find migraines worsen due to hormonal changes. Patients exposed to certain medicines and drugs like contraception tablets, sleeping tablets, etc. might also get affected.


Since there is no proper known cause of migraines, there is no treatment to prevent or stop migraines permanently. But there are several other treatments available to reduce the pain and provide relief to the patients. These are:

  • Introducing proper and healthy lifestyle habits which don’t trigger your migraine outbursts.
  • In some cases, surgery has been successful, fortunately. By decompressing trigeminal and cervical spinal nerves surgically, individual patients have reported becoming migraine-free. Since these surgeries are very rare, you must research and find the best neurosurgeon to perform this daunting task. Do not take your brain lightly.
  • Taking painkillers can provide you relief from the throbbing pain during migraine attacks which becomes impossible to bear.
  • Inducing drugs can treat other symptoms of migraine, like the feeling of nausea, vomiting, tingliness, etc.
  • There are medications for prevention of migraines from specific triggers too. For example, if depression is a trigger for a patient, he will be advised to take anti-depressants.

Many people are still unaware of the common symptoms of migraine and therefore, take migraine attacks as frequent headaches! If you are confused with their type and severity, you can take online advice from the best neurologist in India at the tip of your fingers. Many institutions have online portals where you can fill in your information regarding your disease and the doctors provide you online guidance as fast as possible. In this way, you can get medications and treatments according to your case, at home!

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