Car Making Odd Noises? Read The Possible Reasons Here

If you have been driving the same Volkswagen, you must have come across a time when your vehicle starts producing unexpected noises in a weird manner. This experience is not pleasant at all. This noise may be coming clearly from a certain part at times which can easily be figured out. The problem arises when it cannot be detected at all. Either way, a weird sound may be a symptom of something. This something may be anything, from a small issue to a bigger problem on the way. So, this something must be detected and fixed before your vehicle breaks down. Here are a few most common noises and their causes:


Popping Or Clicking 


You may hear clicking or popping while turning the wheel. It is possibly because of an issue with your wheels or suspension joints. If you hear popping, it may be a sign of damaged suspension joints. In case of crunching or clicking, you should get your CV joints checked. And if you hear a humming noise, it may be due to worn wheel bearings. In case you are not able to figure out the exact problem, you can visit a VW service center Dubai.

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Whining Or Squealing


If you notice this noise, it may be because of the low steering fluid level. The power steering system basically works on hydraulic pressure and relies on pressurized fluid. If its level drops, it may produce a whining noise as a warning message before landing you in trouble. Before your vehicle shows performance issues, you can save you from this hassle by topping off the fluid level. However, you should not leave it at that. Reach a VW Dubai service center and ask them to check for leakage and other possible issues. 


Steering Noise


Another abnormal noise may be there while steering the vehicle. It will be produced either in the front side or around the steering column. This strange noise may be due to some problem with your steering system or the suspension system and wheels.


Engine Noise


This one is a horrible one which affects performance and requires quick assistance. Being the most functional component of your vehicle, the engine must be inspected on a regular basis. If failed, it may leave you stranded on a roadside. Furthermore, engine repairs are usually expensive. So, it is always a good idea to visit a Volkswagen service center Dubai at your earliest convenience if your engine makes abnormal noise. There are several parts and systems within the engine that may make different noises such as pinging, hissing, whirring, knocking, grinding, popping, etc. It is very difficult to clearly address the problem. So, visiting a service centre is the best thing to do.




Squeaking is another frequently encountered noise that is noticed while applying the brakes. It is important to take this sound seriously as soon as you hear it as you can save a lot of money by doing that. There is a wear indicator which is a little metal tab installed in the braking system. If you apply the brakes and hear a squeaking sound, it means your brake pads are worn down and you should get them replaced at a VW service center Dubai. Ignorance will only add to the repair costs. 




If you kept ignoring the squeaking noise, the next you will get to hear is a grinding noise. While squeaking was a warning sign, the grinding noise indicates towards a more serious issue which requires a quick Volkswagen repair Dubai assistance. It shows that the brake pads are completely worn and the bare metal is making contact with the rotor disk. It is the metal to metal contact that is producing the grinding noise.


The Bottom Line


There may be many other types of noises and their causes that can be difficult to figure out by yourself. You can still try to look into it and in case you cannot, you should not think twice before reaching a VW service center Dubai for help. Not all the issues can be fixed by yourself. Some may require professional assistance and that’s alright.


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