Can’t Find your Phone? Let Seekit Help You Out with It

It is not always easy to keep a cool and calm head when your most important device goes missing from right under your nose. To make your phone tracking expeditions easier, Panasonic has brought Seekit to its users. This ensures you can easily solve the question of how to locate my phone successfully without beating around the bush too much. However, after all that is said and done, how exactly does this thing that sounds nothing short of a miracle, work? Don’t sweat it; here is a brief overview of the same.

The details that make Seekit what it is

You can make use of the Seekit Edge and Seekit Loop to ensure your phone finding processes become a lot easier. While the Seekit Edge is compact and light enough to fit into tight spaces, the Seekit Loop is the ideal keychain that is handy and manageable enough to fit into every nook and corner. This makes it easy to take it along with you wherever you are going.

The Seekit Edge comes with a battery life of 18 months. It is 45mm in size, 7.7gms in weight and 3mm in thickness. The Seekit Loop, on the other hand, is 41mm x 32mm in size, 5mm in thickness and 5.4gms in weight. Both these devices are compatible with iOS as well as Android and are the most advanced Bluetooth trackers in India.

The brilliance of bi-directional tracking

One of the features that make Seekit stand out from the other phone finder apps available is that it comes with a unique feature known as bi-directional tracking. To use this feature, all you need to do is ring your phone so that you can find your lost possessions smoothly. This feature can be effectively put into practice even when your phone is on silent mode.

If you want your phone to ring, simply double press the Seekit button. Bi-directional tracking offers users voice alerts whenever the user is away from its range of 100ft. In simple terms, the feature ensures either the Seekit or smartphone both can send alerts if they are apart from each other. So, if you don’t know where you left your smartphone but you have the Seekit Loop or the Seekit Edge in your wallet, it can effortlessly start giving you voice alerts.

Feel the pleasure of finding your phone without a fuss naturally

So, what are you waiting for? If you are a frequent forgetter of where you left your smartphone last, do not worry about it anymore when you own the Seekit Edge or Loop. Give it a shot and take advantage of the many features it comes with. You are sure to find that it is a wonderful inclusion to your life that benefits it in the best way possible.

All in all, Seekit comes with an LED indicator as well as a buzzer that activates as soon as the tracker disconnects from your smartphone. The LED indicator also works in dark environments conveniently so you never have to worry about having to put in extra effort when you are trying to find your possessions in dimly lit areas. Giving it a try definitely comes with its benefits so what is holding you back? The fact that it is sure to help you find your phone for those frustrating times when you drive yourself crazy trying to find it is more than enough reason for you to give it a go at least once.

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