Can you get rid of excess fat in arms with elliptical trainer?

Many of us perform cardiovascular exercises on regular basis.

Some do the cardiovascular exercise to rise up their heart beat and warm up their body before they do the strength training, while others do cardio for an extended period of time to burn more calories and lose fat.

One machine that many people like to hop on in their gym is an elliptical trainer machine that helps you burn more calories.

It is a low impact cardio workout but considered to be good for building leg muscles as well as puts lesser strain on your knees. Mostly it is made to target your lower body muscles, but it also helps you do some arms workout as well, says a qualified personal instructor with certification in fitness trainer course.

Through this post, let’s try to understand whether you can get rid of the excess fat in the arms with elliptical trainer or not.

Elliptical trainer machine

A standard elliptical trainer machine has a foot pedals that move forward and backward motion. You can make your workout more challenging in the same simply by choosing different programs. However, there are two different types of hand grip given- one which doesn’t move and other that move. Many people want to know whether the hand grip handle that moves back and forth with the pedals helps people in reducing the arm fat or not.

Well, answer to this question is yes. You can reduce the arm fat simply by keeping your hand on the movable hand grip, says a qualified personal instructor with certification in fitness trainer course.

Ins and outs of Elliptical Training

Once you hop on an elliptical trainer machine, always ensure you perform the exercise in right posture and manner. This will help you accomplish your fitness goals without getting injured. Always ensure that you rest your feet on the pedal proper as there are high chances that you can imbalance and get hurt.

While keeping our core muscle tight, neck and shoulder straight, and then you’re your arms and legs in alternative motion.

Muscles that are mainly targeted by the elliptical trainer

Flexion is a type of motion that helps you in reducing the angle amid two bones. When you activate your elbows, you will feel that your biceps muscles are working or the muscles inside your upper arm area are targeted.

Uncurling your arms during your elliptical workout helps you tighten your triceps — muscles that you can find on the back side of your arms. Besides, you can even target your shoulder, chest, and back muscles while using movable hand grip

How you can add more challenge to your workout?

Elliptical machine do come with a feature of resistance modification. By increasing the level of the resistance, you will be able to make your workout more intense for your arms and legs. This way you can improve the arm muscle definition to a great extent, says a qualified personal instructor with certification in fitness trainer course.

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