Can you buy refurbished refrigerated incubators?

What is a refrigerated incubator?

These incubators are specially designed to hold temperatures for a longer time. It is widely used in pharmaceutical laboratories for drug storing and sample conservatives. The receive rated indicator is also used in labs that perform experiments on plant biology, cell biology, microbiology. It is often considered the ideal choice for tissue culture or fungi development. This incubator provides the in vitor or native atmosphere in the normal range. The biggest benefit of the refrigerated incubator is that it can sustain the temperature for a longer time. Hence, it is also great for sudden power blackouts.

Refrigerated incubators are available in the market in different shapes and sizes. A typical freezing incubator can have storage capacity from 20 L to 320L and above. It also comes with different temperature adjustment. For example, a particular model can have a temperature range of 10 degrees Celsius to 100 degrees Celsius. On the other hand, some models have the range staring from -4 degrees Celsius to 100 Celsius. Hence, you can buy any model you want to.

These incubators are very much expensive. So, if you want a great buy then go for a refurbished item.

What are refurbished clinical incubators?

Well, these are some models that were returned to the seller for some minor glitches. These models go through the manufacture section of the production company and it repaired under expert supervision. After repairing these machines become as good as the new ones and are sold at discounted prices.

The truth is refurbished items are not used or pre-owned. These are in fact, new models. So, you can buy them. Refurbished items can be a great option other than the used ones. But why should you buy refurbished clinical items?

The cost is comparatively lesser

Refurbished items come in a lower price range.

 If you want to save while getting a better quality machine then go for refurbished ones. These machines as are good as new and offer the same service.

Good quality

The biggest advantage of refurbished incubators is their quality. This undergoes a repair and inspection in the original manufacturing unit of the seller. Hence, it is tested thoroughly checked before getting sold. That means the quality is maintained and you get a good product in a lesser amount.

Checked and reliable

A lot of people think that refurbished items are not reliable. But, the truth is these items are reliable. The refurbished items go through testing and work properly. If you want a reliable refrigerated incubator at a lower cost, go for the refurbished ones.


Refurbished items also get a warranty and your cancer contact the manufacturer for servicing. So, you can reply to it.

If you do not want to buy refurbished ones and have a higher budget, always go for new models. Global lab supply is well known for its wide range of lab equipment including a refrigerated incubator. You can contact them for different models that suit your purpose. They offer affordable prices and great service.


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