Questions to Ask Your Jeweller before Buying a Tension Engagement Ring  

Purchasing an engagement ring is one of the most notable things to do. It has to be beautiful, unique, and something that you and your partner will love forever. Although there are plenty of designs and ring styles in the market, one of the most classy yet one-of-a-kind styles is a tension set engagement ring. 

If you are going to propose to the love of your life, a tension-set engagement ring is a perfect choice. But how do you know you are getting a ring that comes with assurance? When you buy a diamond ring, you will probably have a list of questions to ask your jeweler. 

So, let us help you to narrow down your choices with some common questions to ask a jeweler before you choose a tension-set engagement ring. Here is everything you must know about this stunning piece of jewelry! 

What is the Setting of a Diamond Tension Engagement Ring? 

In a tension set engagement ring, a diamond is placed at the ring’s opening and held in place by pressure. This pressure is exerted from the open ends, where the metal setting behaves like a mechanical clamp used to secure an object between its jaws.

The setting of a diamond appears to be floating” between the two sides of the ring. If you are not aware of a set of this ring type, you might look at it as fragile due to the apparent lack of mechanical support. 

However, in reality, tension rings are durable and highly secure when you buy them from a reputable store with years of experience in crafting tension engagement rings. 

What are the Features of a Tension Set Engagement Ring? 

Every setting of the engagement ring has its perks. The tension engagement rings are a unique brilliance design with sleek, modern, and unique attributes that offer the below-mentioned perks.   

  • Due to minimal metal covering, the precious stone has enhanced light reflection.
  • It has a unique floating appearance
  • As compared to other ring designs, it requires minimum maintenance.
  • It has a stylish and modern contemporary look
  • The tension setting is suitable for both men and women.

What are the tips to buy the Tension Engagement Ring? 

If your partner adores unique, elegant, and contemporary jewellery, they will fall in love with the tension engagement ring. However, you should consider the following two points while shopping for one. 

  • The Quality of the Diamond- The clarity and cut of a diamond in the tension ring catch everyone’s eye. Thus, you must pick the one with the highest quality diamond. You can look for a diamond with premium-quality colour and cut.
  • The best and most reliable store matters- The perfect tension setting ring is challenging to achieve. It requires an excellent heating and cooling metal blend to achieve ideal compression, which not every jeweller can expertise in creating.  Thus, you can even buy Danhov engagement rings because they are a reputable store with experience crafting a wide range of tension engagement ring designs. 


Tension engagement rings have become one of the best choices for modern couples. So, if you are soon getting engaged, feel free to ask all the questions you have about the diamond.  

And, remember, only the best and a reliable jeweller will offer you the most pleasing ring. Look for Danhov engagement rings, and you will find beautiful rings handcrafted by experienced designers.