Bruce Weber Photographer Offers Tips to Be More Creative in Photography

Photography has been a popular hobby for generations, and today it is a pretty prominent profession as well. Photography is, in fact, now divided into multiple categories. For example, Bruce Weber Photographer specializes in capturing images for fashion magazines and brands. On the other hand, a sports photographer may take images for the sports section of the newspaper. Landscape and nature photographers have their own specialization as well. No matter the genre a photographer specializes in, they should try to experiment every now and then to hone their craft. Exploring new ideas and experimenting would help keep things interesting.

Bruce Weber Photographer discusses a few photography ideas to boost creativity

Trying to evoke emotions in images would be one of the best ways to make photographs more compelling and interesting. No matter whether one is shooting landscape or still life images, one should try to create emotions that move the audience to feel something. Having a case of wanderlust viewing a travel photo from an exotic locale, or the inclination to dress up in a wedding outfit after viewing a wedding spread in a fashion magazine, are examples of inciting emotions through photos.

A lot of photographers shy away from effects like motion blur, but using this feature can actually help get amazing results. Motion blur can be associated with the effect of capturing movement in a frame. One can either capture movement in their subject or by moving themselves or the camera. Usually, the simplest way to achieve motion blur is to show some movement of the subject while slowing down the shutter speed. If done properly, motion blur can add an interesting artistic element to the images. For optimal effect, using a tripod would be a good idea. 

Double exposure has become a popular trend in the recent times, which photographers may try to explore a bit more. This style is a carry-over from the old film days and quite a creative way to add more panache to an image. Basically, double exposure is a way to superimpose two images onto a single frame. A lot of new DSLRs have a multiple exposure setting, making them perfect for creative photography.

Capturing reflections of the subject through mirrors or even water can be a way to experiment. Even out of focus images can look amazing at times, no matter if they were an unlucky accident or intentional. There is no right or wrong rule while experimenting with photography styles and approaches. The ultimate goal should be to get the creative juices flowing, and capture images that are beautiful and interesting.

The attitude and beliefs about the own creative abilities of a person determine their approach towards photography. Most people are endowed with the ability to be creative, but they do express it in their own ways. For instance, while many photographers today largely capture color photos, Bruce Weber Photographer prefers to stick to black and white images. His black and white images are often a lot more compelling and interesting than similar images in color, as he manages to add his creative touch to it.