In general when someone says loose diamond, it usually means that a diamond that was cut and polished. It is the end product which is started with rough diamond and comes out from the mine. Now a day, some persons or customers like to hold these loose diamonds in a safe for investment purposes. It is ready to sale and there has great value of it in the market also. It is ready for selling and to be mounted on a ring, a pendant, earring or any piece of jewelers.


  • All the major companies will never certify a diamond if it is mounted but only when it is loose.
  • When the diamond is loose it is very easy to check the anatomy of that diamond.
  • Diamond experts can give the proper information about this.
  • You should some basic knowledge about that loose diamond while you go to purchase because several things should be kept in mind while purchasing like- clarity, color, carat and cut which is also called 4C.


  • You can use it many ways, it has overtime value.
  • You can get it in very reasonable prices while purchasing from the market and customers like to hold these loose diamonds in a safe for investment purposes.


There have some special rules to follow when buying loose diamonds and those rules are-

  • Before buying any loose diamonds you should understand about the diamond certifications.
  • While you are going to purchase any loose diamond, you should concentrate on the quality and size of that product. If the size is bigger and rate is little bit high but give the benefit, then you can purchase that one which will be long lasting.
  • If you want to get proper benefit always purchase those loose diamonds which come in very fastest possible delivery.
  • You should understand about the 4C’s which has some special appeal of its own.
  • While purchasing, you may be talk to any consultant. But make sure, you have to clear out all queries related the loose diamond; otherwise it can become troublesome after purchasing and always go for the best one whether it is so much cost effective.
  • Natural loose diamonds are small in size and it is small in size and while purchasing clarity should be checked. Like carat should be in between 0.01 to 0.03 and these are also mostly used.


These are the features and characteristics of loose diamonds, it is available in the market so much but if someone follows these upper mentioned rules while purchasing, he or she can get the best one. To determine the exact weight of the loose diamond, always use the diamond scale.


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