Best Things to Eat and Do in Dharamshala

Dharamshala has something beautiful in its vibes, you can’t get over it once you been there. Except vibes its culture will definitely amaze you. The destination is totally loaded with beautiful nature and cultural vibes. From alpine flora and fauna to high-headed snow-covered mountains to best food, Dharamshala has everything to make you feel happy and cherished. People usually think that such hilly destination only serves you with nature and other picturesque scenes but it has amazing food too. Food of Dharamshala is best for the ones who claim that they are a foodie and can do anything for food. Every bite of momos served by restaurants will seep into your veins and touches the core of your heart. 

This magical destination has the potential to calm your soul and provide you with a soothing deep down in your heart. If you are confused between places to visit in this upcoming holidays then note Dharamshala in your bucket list, first. There are so many restaurants and bar in Dharamshala that serves soul calming food and hospitality to their visitors.

 Now, if you are thinking that it will be your first visit to Dharamshala, how would you know about the best food? Then let us help you. In this blog, we will talk about everything from Best food in Dharmsala to the best thing to do. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s go….

Things to do in Dharamshala

First thing first, you need to book your room to stay after reaching the destination. Here is a list of things you can do in Dharamshala. 

1 Tea Gardens 

If you are one of those who love to explore greenery then tea gardens are best for you. Tea gardens in Kangra valley are loaded with green vibes that spread over acres of land. 

2. Hanuman-ka-tibba 

This destination is also known as “white mountain of Himachal” that has an altitude of 18,500feet above sea level. 

3. Mani Lhakhang stupa 

This destination is also known as “prayer wheel stupa” which is a holy monument and worth visiting the place. 

4. The Dalai Lama Temple Complex 

This destination is the most beautiful and peaceful place which is situated in the upper region of Dharamshala. 

5. Kangar Fort 

One of the best and must-visit destinations of Dharamshala which has set an example of the best architecture in the world. 

These are some best places where you can visit and capture the best moments of your life. Now, let us tell you some of the best food in Dharmsala that you highly can’t afford to miss. 

1 Korean Fare 

Please don’t get surprised by the name of the dish, yes! You can eat Korean food in Dharamshala. In fact, Korean fare is one of the most famous and delicious dishes served by restaurant and bar in Dharamshala. This gem is something which you can’t afford to miss, if you have no plan to visit Korea, recently. There are some restaurants that serve vegetarian Japanese food, all you need to do place your order and enjoy this delicious famous meal. If you want to explore more Japanese food then the menu of restaurants will never disappoint you as they have a plethora of options and believe us portion is more than enough, so order accordingly. 

2. Tibetan Fare 

Of course, this destination is loaded with Tibetan food more than Thukpa and Momos. While visiting restaurants you can explore their menu to find fried sausage such as Mutton dish, beer and gyuma. To calm your taste-buds you can try a stir-fried meat dish (shaptak) with steamed Tibetan bread (tingmo). 

3. Momos 

If you are visiting Dharamshala and you haven’t tried momos then there is no point of visiting there. From Mutton momos to Spinach cheese Momos to vegetarian momos to fried momos, do not miss any variety. 

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