Best Dream11 Prediction App for Cricket, Football and Kabaddi

Since a decade ago, an idea turned the outdoor sports into a fantasy sport. Prediction Hub is among the league in delivering Dream 11 predictions, the innovative idea that runs fluidly on the internet.

This idea evolved in USA and sprawled around the world. During those days fantasy football was conspicuous. And with that fantasy sports trade association came into existence.

With fantasy sports, match predictions and betting too came into fashion between sports lovers to make a fortune.  Thus, the professional sports industry is said to be a billion dollar industry. Bountiful sports enthusiasts bet to retrieve the maximum they can from the industry.

And, Dream 11 is an appropriate illustration of a fantasy sports where you can find your favorite sports and players.

For immersive fantasy game experience, Dream 11 offers vivid sports like football, Kabaddi and cricket. This portal is directly linked to the most popular leagues and matches to give its user different routes to enjoy.

Unrestrained, this portal allows anonymous to create multiple teams, select favorite sports person and win through their exceptional performance. Prediction Hub plays major role here by giving the updates about Dream 11 fantasy sport.

It’s a key tool to the predictions of all fantasy sports with live scores updates of the ongoing matches and leagues.

You must be wondering as to how to get started with a fantasy sport?

We will guide you through a few steps that will allow you to get started with any fantasy sport.

First, Select a Match (any sport)

In order to play, it is important to create your own team, be it Dream 11 or Team 11. Selecting an ongoing or upcoming matches will allow you to create your own team.

Second, Create your Team –

·         Cricket: The paramount of all sports, Cricket is filled in the heart of most of the sports enthusiasts. To fill in the team of 11 players, you can select from 4 categories – Wicket Keeper (WK) pick min 1 & max 4, Batsmen (BAT) pick min 3 & max 6, Bowler (BWL) pick min 3 & max 6, and All-Rounder (AR) pick min 1 & max 4.

·         Hockey: You can select the best players from the list of finest hockey players. You are allowed to make selection randomly from 4 categories – Goalkeeper (GK), Defender (DEF), Mid-fielder (MID), and Striker (ST). The best part about this sports game is it allows you to comprehend & sort players by their credits, points, images and team.

·         Kabaddi: A sport filled with enthusiasm and passion to exhaust the opponent team. Pro Kabaddi Fantasy sports is cherished and have become famous globally. To create you own Kabaddi team  you are allowed to select players from 5 possible combinations – Defenders (DEF) pick min 2 & max 4, All-Rounders (AR) pick min 1 & max 2, Raiders (RAID) pick min 1 & max 3.

·         NBA: A team sport, basketball is another favored sport by the sports enthusiasts. To make a team of 7 Dream 11 team let you select typically 1-4 players from 5 different categories – Point Guard (PG), Shooting Guard (SG), Small Forward (SF), Power Forward (PF), Center (C ).

·         Football: After Cricket the most-preferred choice in sports is Football. The love for the game is fostered in the people of the US. To create football team and enjoying playing this sport you can pick up players for 4 categories – Goalkeeper (GK), Defender (DEF), Mid-fielder (MID), and Striker (ST).

Note: To create Hockey, Football and Cricket team the user is given 100 credits to select and make up its team.

Third, select the team’s Vice Captain and Captain /Star Player –

The greater peace in selecting the Star Player is, as the SP scores in the actual game you get 2X points in NBA. Similarly, in the rest of the sports when a Vice captain scores you get 1.5X points and for the Captain’s Score you get 2X score points.

Prediction Hub keeps you updated with the players and the captain performance. It gives you the good captain as well as Vice-captain, so that you can choose for upcoming matches. Moreover, you will get the most wicket taking player prediction, toss winning team prediction as well as the betting tips to earn more.

Four, Manage your team –

Instead of waiting, make sure you have the best team in hand before the match. Until the deadline of the match, you are allowed to make changes within its team players.

You are also allowed to edit or change its current vice-captain or captain of the team. You must keep an eye on your selected players of your team during the actual ongoing matches. You will be able to evaluate their performance thoroughly and decide to continue with the team in upcoming matches or change them.

Moreover, you are allowed to make multiple teams (6) per match to analyze and compare the best players and the team.

Five, Join a Contest –

Dream 11 Fantasy sports not only entertains you but favors your deep pockets.  Contest is a platform where you can play and earn. The sport hosts some of the major public cash contest like –

Mega Contest,
Hot Contest,
Only For beginners,
Contests for Champions,
Winner Takes all & more.

For the beginners and to whet your skills before entering into the real-time cash contest, you can play free-to-play practice contests. You may also join some of the Private Contest sent by your friends to play.

Note: Joining or entering any contest demands a minimum prize. The prize pool depicts the breakdown of the winning amount distributed according to the rank.

Six, Follow the match –

Prediction Hub is a real-time dream 11 match prediction app that allows you to watch the live match scores, as well as track your fantasy scoreboard.

Dream 11 match prediction is a fair game platform. Dream 11 rules and regulation are made to give players a fair result of matches and contest.

Forecasts are also meant to change, they are dynamic not static. So, you must not completely rely on them. Sometimes your instincts works better than the forecast of others. Patience and observation are the key things that can help you win the matches and get maximum dream 11 points.

FAQ (Frequently asked Questions) –

Who will win the match/game?

A game where you (in a league) select a bunch of real-life players to make up your team. This team is assigned points as per the real-time player’s performance which is used for evaluating the winner at a later stage. When done with all the matches the maximum scorer wins the game.

I don’t know much about fantasy sports, can I play?

Definitely, every fantasy sports app gives you the directions or instructions to play the game. The game consists of the information of the player, thus if you are not aware of them, you will still find valuable information here at Prediction Hub.

Can I change my team name?

Once given an identity could not be changed. To give uniqueness and full-transparency to you as well as your opponent, the game allows one to give the team’s name.

What is Super Tackle in Kabaddi?

It is the bonus points earned by the defender team. The state arises when the raider gets tackled by 3 or less defenders & is out from the court.

What is pushing “All-Out” & getting “All-Out”?

Pushing “ALL OUT” is a state when the opponent team tries & manages to put out all players & none can be revived. Whereas Getting “ALL OUT” is the team which gets pushed out by the team. This gives negative points to the Out team and points to the team that managed to push out the team.

How to create private contest?

Follow these steps to create private contest –

·         Select the match, you want to participate in.

·         Click “Create Contest”

·         Create a contest of your choice (given options) & join.

·         Invite friends through email, fb or share unique code.

How long does the withdrawal take?

The withdrawal happens within a couple of minutes. The organization also helps accordingly if the withdrawal doesn’t appear in 5 days or so.

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