Benefits Of Using Charcoal And Charcoal Briquettes Dubai?

Wooden charcoal is considered as one of the most common forms of fuel. It is also considered an economical form of fuel that is used in many countries around the world. The fuel finds its application within residential and commercial areas.

Being economical, it is obvious that wooden charcoal is used for burning furnaces in industries. At the same time, people make use of charcoal fuel to cook food at homes. This form of fuel was also in use since traditional times.

In the present time, wooden charcoal is just not restricted to be used at homes for cooking food. For industrial usage, wood charcoal is also considered as one of the most economical forms of fuel that offers with consistent heat effect.

There are a number of reasons why Charcoal and Charcoal Briquettes Dubai are considered as best options by industrialists today.

Ideal for industrial applications

The charcoal is ideal for industrial usage as it offers a very high calorific value. This makes a charcoal more preferred form of fuel to be used as compared to wooden blocks. Apart from this, industrialists prefer using charcoal wood due to its low ignition point.

This means that the charcoal fuel will easily catch fire as compared to a wooden block. It also offers with advantage where it burns up very slowly and consistently releasing heat energy.

Less pollution as compared to wooden blocks

The moment you are burning charcoal along with industrial special hardwood chips you may notice that the level of pollution released is also very less as compared to burning any other form of fuel. Another major advantage is that the smell of burning charcoal is more pleasant and appealing as compared to the smell of gas or liquid fuel.

Easy ignition ability

One of the main reason why people prefer using charcoal as fuel is that it easily catches fire. Even if you want to burn charcoal outdoors, still it will burn out consistently as compared to any other form of fuel. This means that once charcoal starts burning it will give out heat and light consistently.

This makes it ideal fuel to be used for outdoor events. At homes, people prefer using charcoal as fuel for burning barbeques or ovens.


When purchasing Briquettes Dubai wood charcoal fuel, it is obvious that it is considered as much light in weight as compared to carrying wooden blocks or liquid fuel. The charcoal is in fact so lightweight that it easily floats on top of the water. The density of charcoal is much lighter as compared to water and so it is very easy to carry even when planning for a campfire.

High temperature


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The moment you burn charcoal it easily reaches a very high temperature as compared to other fuels. This is one of the reasons most furnaces and casting industries are making use of wood charcoal to smelting and casting process.

The heat generated by burning charcoal is considered to be high in temperature and much consistent as compared to gas or liquid fuel.

This is also one of the reasons why more blacksmiths and forge industries prefer making use of burning charcoal as fuel. This is also considered as the most ideal fuel in cast iron industries as well.

Absorption property

Being porous in nature it is certain that wood charcoal is also used most commonly as an absorbing agent. It is believed to be used in the water industry for purifying water. It can easily soak up most impurities present n water.

Apart from this, the property of charcoal is also made use of by manufacturers when manufacturing gas masks home water filter plants.

Medicinal uses

As charcoal is a good absorbent so it is also used as medicine. The property of charcoal to absorb impurities is also used to help overcome the ingestion of food particles in the stomach. It also helps in absorbing microbes from our stomach to help the process of digestion of food easily.

Apart from these, wood charcoal is also used in petrochemical industries for preparing petroleum products. At the same time, wood charcoal is also used for manufacturing of gun powder along with nitrate and potassium mix.

Charcoal also finds its use in other areas including art. The charcoal is used for manufacturing charcoal pencils that are used by professional artists.

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