Beginner’s Guide to Natural Eyelash Extensions

You may have noticed that most of your friends have fuller or longer lashes than you last checked. Well, there’s no trick to it; it’s just natural lashes extensions. Lash extensions have become increasingly popular, and some ladies cannot go a week without extensions. If you have really short or scanty lashes and have tried all the mascaras, false lash, lash lifts and lash hacks to no avail, then you can simply get some lash extensions. It is important to do your research concerning any beauty treatment you intend on trying to know what to expect and the risks involved (if any).

What are lash extensions?

Natural lash extensions are natural-looking, semi-permanent silk fibers or faux minx that are applied per strand to your natural lashes. The application can be a little tedious for people with sensitive eyes because you’d have to close your eyes throughout the process. However, you could also enjoy a lash nap. The extensions are applied with the use of a carefully formulated glue that won’t damage or irritate your natural lashes. Compared to strip lashes, where the strip is applied to the skin just a little above the lashes, lash extensions are applied to your natural lashes. It leaves a dense, lush, and natural result.

One of the major selling points of lash extensions is their natural appearance. Each set is unique, and the result is based on the length of the lashes and the shape of the person’s eyes. It really enhances your overall lashes with volume and length and gives your face a welcome lift. Whether the lash extension looks dramatic and full of simple, and natural is based on the client’s preference. The number of strands used per eye is usually between 80 and 140, while the length varies from 6-18mm. Once you explain what you want to your lash artist, they will be able to help you pick the best option for you. Suppose you have weak or damaged natural lashes. It is not advisable that you have dramatic or volume lashes. However, a person with thick and strong natural eyelashes can go for the volume set.

What to expect?

Installation of lash extension is a beauty treatment and may take up to two hours, depending on the volume of lash you choose. However, most people use this time as an opportunity to relax since you will be lying down. It is like a forced break from your phone and social media because your eyes must remain closed till the lash artist says otherwise.
A good technician will take their time and fix each strand carefully. When choosing a lash tech, ensure that hygiene and safety are their priority. Ensure that you use someone that is licensed and avoid using a tech based on familiarity.

As for the cost of eyelash extensions, it varies according to the technician, location, and result. You could be looking at $100 – $500. The longer and fuller the lashes, the more it costs. If you get your lashes fixed frequently, you could spend up to thousands of dollars on it yearly.

How long do lash extensions last?

Lash extensions are applied directly to your natural lashes, so they last longer than false lashes. With proper care and maintenance, they may last up to six weeks. However, most lash techs offer lash refill for half the original price of a full install. Professional lash techs recommend the use of a lash conditioner to promote the life of the extensions. Just apply it to the lashes and brush gently with a clean spoolie brush. A refill may be required every two to three weeks.

How to care for your extensions

Avoid water for 24 hours from the day it is installed to allow the glue to dry properly. Be extra careful and gentle with the lashes, do not use mascara, do not curl them, and avoid rubbing your eyes. In fact, try to avoid touching the lashes in general. Do not apply oil-based products and cleansers close to your eyes. Ask your tech for any other tips and advice.
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