It is generally our instincts, to look presentable to the society. Gone are the days, where people followed the motto of ‘beauty lies within’. No matter how good our personality traits are, at the end of the day, if we do not look in a presentable manner, it doesn’t count at all. We humans, tend to give high priority towards looks in a social gathering. The party season, steals the spotlight, as far as looks are concerned. On that particular day of the party, people take an extra mile of effort towards looks. So, here are a few simple hacks to look presentable in a party.

Wear light shaded clothes, if it is a professional party. Remember, the shoes must be in a darker tone, to give you that rich contrasting appeal towards you. For men, crop your hair, to the shortest level possible and, make sure, that you wear a full sleeve clothing, for that expensive diplomatic look. Polish your shoes, and wear a contrasting colored socks, for the party. As far as the female counterparts are concerned, the clothes should have a glossy, professional finish, along with a pursue, that matches your clothing. The heels, should be in complete contrast, since it will make you look more attractive.

If it is a casual party, there are no such norms. But, a few tweaks here and there would go a long way, in making you look presentable and noticeable in all the departments. Men can wear blue jean along with a white T-shirt, with a pair of casual shoes. Remember to tuck your coolers, in the t-shirt. For women, feather weighted clothes, in a bold and vibrant coloring, will definitely go a very long way towards a successful finished look. But, over here, the shoes can be in matching color with your clothing apparels.

Next, comes the bigger picture. Your looks. Men should not go heavy handed on make-up since, it may look artificially attractive in a party. A face wash to cleanse your face and a proper face grooming, with a mild coating of facial cream, will make you look top-notch in a party atmosphere. If clean shaven look is your preference, then proper attention is not needed. But if you want some facial hair, then careful grooming steps, should be followed, to make it look extremely pleasing and appealing towards the community.

But, as far as the females are concerned, make-up kit, is their most prized possession. They showcase themselves and also take great pride in presenting themselves, with attractive make-up, as much as possible. Moreover, it has become a set pattern for the society. So, therefore, going heavy handed on a make-up, will definitely help the women, to look presentable and attractive in a complete party atmosphere. Also, it gives them a proper focus in the limelight. But, looking too glamorous in a professional party, may not earn too many fans for them. But, in a casual party, be it men or women, they can let their creativity do the talking.

So, at the end of the day, the physical beauty, should be considered, as one of the most important factors in a human life span. Yes, character, matters a lot for a person. But for people, to reveal their true personality, physical attraction is needed, to make them look more approachable. Only then a communication base will be setup and it will act as a catalyst, to make friends with strangers. Therefore, physical beauty must be given importance in every aspects, since it is the beginning of any relationships with strangers in a party atmosphere.

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