Why a Basement Conversion Is a Great Investment

Discover why a basement conversion can be a great value investment for your home, adding both useful space and financial value to the property.

When looking to extend your home, there are many options. Not only can an extension give you more space and more pleasant home life, but it can also add value to your house. You might consider a loft conversion, extension to the side of your home, an extra bathroom or a larger kitchen, but a basement conversion could be the best idea of all. Read on to find out why.

Benefits of Adding a Basement

There are many advantages to considering a basement design London Company for your property extension. Basement conversions give you a huge amount of extra space because they can extend across the entire footprint of your property. Another great point is that you usually don’t need planning consent because the extension is going under your own home, so it can’t infringe on anyone else’s space. 

Basements are closer to the garden and other living spaces so can feel more homely than a loft extension. Finally, a basement extension means you don’t have to add height or extra outdoor areas to your home, so it is a private project without any exterior effect and can be done in small spaces where outdoor space is limited. 


If you extend an existing cellar space this might only take a few weeks, whilst a whole new underground space covering the entire footprint of the house could take a few months. You might need to move out while the builders underpin the property and excavate the space.

Your basement design company needs to consider lots of elements, including waterproofing, drainage, and plumbing, the height of the basement walls, flooring solutions, windows and lighting, electrics, and options for using the space. You should also consider planning permission if you need to lower the floor level of an existing cellar, as this could be seen as a structural extension, as can excavating beyond one floor for a multi-level basement.

Money Matters

A conversion underground is a great way to add value to your home. Financially if you already have a cellar, this should cost similar to a loft conversion, so around £1,250 per m2. If you have to lower the floor to create more headroom it will increase the cost, while excavating a whole new basement beneath a property and underpinning can cost around £3,000 per m2. 

Consider that you will need to pay engineer and architect fees, building regulations application fees, party wall surveys where any walls connect with neighbors, any external access required and VAT on top of everything. These extra costs can be another £2,000 to £10,000 depending on how much you need doing.

If you are thinking about basement design London offers many options with lots of great companies able to design and construct your perfect extension. The designers can create a plan that offers more space and convenience whilst incorporating the latest styles and workmanship.

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