Does Autism Affects Women?

When you hear the word Autism, it is often related to children and most adults but rarely women. So you get to wonder, does autism actually affects women?

Yes, it does. But let me explain what autism is first. Autism is a health condition that affects the way humans socialize, behave and communicate with others.

In a recent survey, it is found that autism is 4 times more likely to affect boys than girls. This explains why autism test is mostly related to kids and adult men. All through the years, autism in women has mostly gone undetected.

There are so many surveys which indicated that autism is rarely found in women and mostly found in men. The ratio of women and men from a survey conducted by The National Autistic Society in 2015 was approximately 1:3.

The symptoms of autism in a woman are not really different from the one in men, however, women are able to live with autism without it being noticeable in their behavior.

The symptoms in women are able to go unnoticed because they are able to:

  • force themselves make eye contact during a conversation
  • imitate expressions and gestures
  • prepare jokes ahead of time to use in conversations
  • imitating the behaviors of others

This explains why autism is rarely found in women than in men.

Research scientist has found out that autism manifests differently in women than in men. Symptoms of autism also differ because men with autism do misbehave while women with autism appear more depressed or anxious.

Autism may look different in men than in women because women may have more socially acceptable types of interests. As a result, autism may be more difficult to detect in women than in men even when doctors are involved.

Autism in women is mostly caused by a number of many factors – including environmental and genetic factors. Some of the autism symptoms found in women are:

  • a preference for being alone
  • an excessive talk on a topic with no regards to the reactions of others
  • inability to predict someone’s reactions or response
  • inability to contribute in a conversation
  • inability to comprehend nonverbal forms of communication

These are some of the common symptoms to look for in women when conducting an autism test. However there are other symptoms that may appear, but this should be the basis to look for when trying to identify the symptoms in women.

Can Autism be treated in women?

While there might not be a permanent treatment for autism, there are medications that can really help to manage certain symptoms that might occur in women.

Apart from medications, there are talk and occupational therapies that can help women to better interact with people and also help in managing some of the symptoms.

Women can start by taking adult autism test online to be able to identify some of the symptoms, before deciding to proceed to see a doctor for proper evaluation.

So yes autism does affect women, but it rarely does as you can see from the ratios above.


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