Artificial Intelligence in home automation

Home, sweet home. A personal home is a favorite place for any human being or animal on earth. To make the place more comfortable for your family members, you have filled the rooms with various home appliances such as air conditioner, washing machine, fridge, and microwave oven. There were the days when these appliances were considered as mere additions in a room. But now, they form part of the interior design. And have they changed in recent times? Yes. After all, artificial intelligence has stepped into even the home improvement sector. This new technology has already made quite an impact in many industries such as healthcare, manufacturing industries, digital marketing, and even software. In this article, we will focus on the impact of the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence in Home automation.

Home Applications

AI has made considerable changes in the workplace, but it will also change the way you will live in the future. In your own home. By the next decade, AI will be a part of home automation, video surveillance, tracking application in the home improvement sector.

In the 1980s, having a fridge or a television was considered a luxury. Now, in every Indian home, you can find appliances of every type. In fact, they have become mandatory fixtures in a home. And the development has happened from being a normal model to a smart appliance. These appliances, you can control with your mobile phone.

  1. Home Automation

Let us imagine a situation. You reside in Bangalore and have a big home. Your spouse wanted only the best appliances, and the home is filled with appliances of different brands. Smart appliances. So you have the Videocon fridge, Samsung air conditioner, and other appliances. Yes, you can control them via your phone, but imagine the challenges. You have to check the perfect app and give the command. Is there a way by which you can control various appliances by one command? Yes, there are gadgets such as Google Home and Amazon Echo which can connect to various gadgets. The technology followed is the Internet of Things. And you can give voice commands. But the topic we are dealing with AI automation – that is a different ball game altogether.

  1. What is the presence of AI in Home automation?

Shall we take an example? Your family has gone for dinner to a popular restaurant. Now you have come to the home. Within 15 meters from your home, the AI system can identify your arrival. If the entire home is under automation, then the thermostat can adjust the temperature in your room, the door lock gets opened, the light automatically switches on, the curtains get pulled off, your favorite music is played in the background. The last, the coffee maker starts making coffee. The mechanism is the Internet of Things. But for the appliance to make the decision as per your need, the technology used in Artificial Intelligence.

  1. How can voice command obeying appliances be of help?

We understand the question. In recent times, it has become difficult for the family to spend time together. Let us take a case study. The husband and wife go to work, the children to school or college. In the home, the seniors lead a retired life. Now, if they are more than 60 years old, it becomes difficult to switch on and off the light. But they can give a voice command to switch on and off the light. This is the major reason why Google, Amazon, and Apple are aiming at designing similar devices.

But does this work at all times? Yes, but imagine if you have to speak loud to a smart appliance. But your old father or newborn baby is sleeping in the room. So, they may get awake. If it is a newborn baby then all hell will break loose. Okay so, what is the alternative for this situation? How about a text sent from your mobile? Many companies are designing programs for this kind of device.

  1. Energy Efficiency

Okay, the human in us has depleted many of the natural resources in the globe. If taking an estimate, there will be very few resources for our future generation. So, every major manufacturing company has taken account of this fact and is designing appliances which can save power. Kindly look at the advertisements. Even a washing machine advertisement will say that it saves ten percent of your electricity bill. When you implement home automation, then the energy consumption reduces by means of control via automated lights, smart plugs, and thermostats.

  1. Home Security

Can you visualize for a moment, as to how artificial intelligence will be helpful in home security? In recent times, you lock the home when going for a tour of one day. If you have a pet, the key is given to the neighbor to take the dog for a walk. But only the gate key. Imagine, five years in the future. Your home will have a smart lock designed for various purposes.

Shall we take a case study?

Let us imagine, you have a smart lock installed in your home. Now, a relative wants to come to your home for taking an important document. You, your spouse are in office and children to college. From your office, you can give him the access. Or else there is another option. You can give him a temporary password for gaining access to the house. After one hour, the password will become invalid. The relative comes to your home, takes the document, locks the door and then comes out. You can view the entire episode on your mobile phone.

  1. Security Alarm

In recent times, it has become a fad in homes and offices to install CCTV cameras. But kindly note, they are extremely beneficial in preventing thefts and burglaries. Now, if you have a smart CCTV camera with sensors, it will keep an account of your family members and office colleagues by face recognition. In case of a new person, it will sound an alarm.

  1. Challenges

The main challenge lies in the budget. The investment cost is huge. Also, the home Wi-Fi needs to have protection. If someone hacks in your central system, there will be a loss of confidential information and invasion of privacy.


Imagine you are working in a company which caters to home care services in Hyderabad. Your company caters to providing plumbing services in Hyderabad at the customer’s doorstep. Now, you have got an identity card, to show to the device at the door and it opens. In the future, your facial image may be fed into the database, and if you stand in front of the door, it will open. But if a new person comes for an interview, the HR in your office will get an alert. These are some of the common applications of Artificial Intelligence in Home automation. If you feel that our content has missed some valuable points, kindly put a review in the comments section.

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