The Unipolar stepper motor operates with one winding plus a center tap per phase and on the contrary. Bipolar stepper driver has a single winding per phase and not just in the center. Using a bipolar motor is a complex task, as it is made typically of an H-Bridge arrangement. Moreover, in a bipolar motor, each phase consists of two leads, both different from each other.

In a bipolar motor, the windings of the motor are used efficiently, they are considered to be more powerful than a unipolar motor of the same weight. A unipolar motor occupies double space for wires of the same length. Even though a bipolar motor has a complex structure, the abundance of chips makes it easier to use.

The medium-powered and low-cost applications use bipolar stepper driver and bipolar motors. For example, the home appliances like food mixers and electric drills.
The design of brushless DC motors is the same as the Brushed DC motor just with the connected windings. They offer greater speed than any other induction motor. They work well on AC supplies and are now most commonly available on the market.

The windings could be fixed in a bipolar stepper driver in various types. The list is mentioned below:

  • Series windings:

It gives a high rate of inductance but a lower current per winding.

  • Parallel windings:

This is the contrary case. It provides higher current but a lower rate of inductance.

  • One wind per phase:

It reduces the speed by half and consumes less current.

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Brushless DC Motors:

Brushless DC Motors rotate when powered by DC electricity. They are also known as electronically commutated motors. There is a controller, which provides pulses of current to the windings of the motor and controls speed and torque of the motor.

Brushless motor is considered highly advantageous as compared to Brushed motors. They have high power to weight ratio, high speed, and better electronic control. Brushless motors are usually found in computer drives and printers, vehicle ranges to automobiles to aircraft.

Brushless motor is efficiently being used now in the applications that once used the Brushed motor. Brushless motor is still incapable of beating brushed motor in cost equivalents. Still, it has conquered many applications completely, particularly, devices used in computers, small cooling fans, and many others. The cordless power tools use exclusively the brushless motor thereby increasing the motor’s efficiency to run for longer periods.

The low powered brushless motors are used in direct drive turntables for recordings in a gramophone. They are used in the electric vehicles, hybrid as well as personal transporters. Some electric bicycles available use brushless motors

Bipolar stepper driver, motor, and Brushless DC Motors are both cost-efficient and high power offering devices you can install in your machinery. Available easily in the market, both these devices are common in the industrial sector and are used in many applications these days. You can also get them online with various features and prices.

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