All About NTR Housing Scheme 2020: Eligibility, Criteria, Amenities, Required Document

NTR housing scheme, an initiative by the Andhra Pradesh state government is a subset policy under the PMAY. As per its guidelines, the housing scheme is directed at ensuring that the individuals from the lower economic strata have convenient access to affordable housings. The recent declaration and the updated land distribution policy mandate that 1% of the total land across urban towns will be reserved to construct houses for the underprivileged.

The scheme aims to provide pucca houses to all homeless individuals of the rural and urban areas. In an attempt to support this endeavor, reputed HFCs and NBFCs are now offering housing advances that come with attractive home loan interest rates. All that individuals need to do is meet the required list of nominal eligibility criteria and apply.

Eligibility criteria for the Andhra Pradesh NTR housing scheme

To be eligible for the NTR home scheme of Andhra Pradesh, following are eligibility criteria –

  • Applicant should be the resident of Andhra Pradesh
  • Applicant should have a below poverty line (BPL) card or a white ration card
  • Applicant should not own his/her own house or land under any other government housing scheme.

Considering that borrowers can meet these eligibility criteria, they can avail these amenities under the NTR scheme.

Amenities in the NTR housing scheme in 2020

A house availed under the NTR housing scheme 2020 will get the following equipment –

  • 9 Watt LED bulb.
  • 20 Watt LED tube light.
  • 50 Watt fan.
  • LED street lights in the local area.

Following the guideline of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY), NTR home scheme of Andhra Pradesh aims to facilitate the applicant at an affordable cost –

  1. Permanent housing to homeless.
  2. Reconstruction of existing houses.

The unit cost for various homes under Andhra Pradesh NTR housing scheme is as follows –

  • Rs.7.71 lakh for a house of 430 square feet.
  • Rs.6.74 lakh for a house of 365 square feet.
  • Rs.5.62 lakh for a house of 300 square feet.

Availing such schemes requires one to follow a convenient application procedure that includes providing a list of essential documents.

Required documents to apply for Andhra Pradesh NTR home scheme

Following documents are required to apply for NTR housing scheme in Andhra Pradesh

  • Residential address proof for permanent and present address.
  • Housing details including the number of rooms in a house, and size as per requirement.
  • Identity proof including Aadhaar Card, voter ID card, etc.
  • Income proof including the document of income.
  • Age proof including the number of family members in a family.
  • Other records, including financial account numbers, etc.

Application of NTR house scheme

As the NTR house scheme is a part and one of the key benefits of the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, it follows the same procedure of PMAY online application. Here are some steps –

Step 1: Visit the official website of PMAY and key in your essential details.

Step 2: Click the option of Citizen Assessment.

Step 3: Select from ‘For Slum Dwellers’ or ‘Benefits under the other 3 Components.’ 

Step 4: Enter the details of Aadhaar Card.

Step 5: Post details verification, the application page appears.

Step 6: Fill up the application form with accuracy.

Step 7: Enter the correct captcha code.

Step 8: Select the ‘Save’ option.

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NTR home scheme 2020 features for a beneficiary in Andhra Pradesh

NTR home scheme 2020 includes streamlining the process to avail home loan in Nellore and other parts of Andhra Pradesh with following subsidy of interest:

  • Estimated project cost is Rs.31,793 crore under which approximately 15.78 lakh houses will be built under the scheme
  • Segregation of the project is based on PMAY-NTR Gramin and PMAY-NTR Urban Beneficiary lists.
  • Subsidy under the NTR rural housing scheme is up to Rs.1.5 lakh.
  • SC/ST can get an extra allowance of Rs.50,000.
  • Subsidy under PMAY NTR urban housing scheme is up to Rs.2.5 lakh.

After having a detailed understanding of the eligibility criteria, amenities, and required documents, the next step is to find suitable lenders that offer the most lucrative features. Apart from the above mentioned financial benefits, having an in-depth understanding of the NTR housing scheme ensures that you make the most of your availed finance. Make sure to check into your current credit score before approaching a lender considering that it offers you with the negotiation authority to avail attractive interest rates on your loan.

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