What Are the Advantages Of Court Marriages Over Traditional Marriage?

For a long time now, people have been debating whether Court marriages are better than choosing a traditional marriage ceremony. While most of the millennials are of the opinion that court marriages are an easier, effective and wiser option to say the nuptials, there are still some conservative people who are way too rigid in following all the rituals in order to declare a couple husband and wife. In this article, we will talk about the advantages of court marriages over traditional marriages as explained by the best Court Marriage Lawyer In Dwarka:

Uniform procedures – Marriages in India is considered a very pious ritual and most of the time, the ceremony includes a number of religious procedures before the bride and groom are declared man and wife for a lifetime. Traditionally marriages are an ongoing celebration where several events are celebrated only after which the knot is tied. Depending upon the region, marriage rituals in India can be simple, too complex to way too cumbersome, however, court marriage all across the nation has a uniform procedure, which is to be adhered to strictly to marry your beloved partner.

Hassle free and less time consuming – Initially, court marriages were considered as a refugee for couples who want to get married despite their families agreeing to the union. However, court marriage lawyers in Dwarka now narrates an entirely different story. Recently, more and more people have opted to go for a court marriage ceremony considering it as a hassle-free and less time consuming way to tie the knot.

Money saving – In terms of finances, a court marriage is way better than traditional marriage. While a fortune worth of money is spent on traditional marriage celebrations, court marriage incurs bare minimum expenses for both preparations as well as execution.

Final proof of your marriage – The court marriage certificate is a conclusive proof of the marriage and the newly married couple do not have to file for a separate marriage certificate later. Unlike traditional marriages, where the couple has to apply for a registration certificate with due proofs that they are married.

Personal space – It offers personal space to the bride and the groom as they do not have to attend several guests or act all smiles for long hours for the sake of cameras and the guests. The bride and groom can choose to make a court ceremony as intimate as possible by inviting a limited number of guests who can also sign as witnesses for them.

Avoids disputes and clashes – Court marriages avoid any sort of traditional or religious disputes. Nowadays inter-caste marriages are very common and such marriages welcome traditional and religious conflicts of all sorts. While most of the time such issues are the primary reason for complications in the relationships, in worse cases, marriages break over petty religious disputes. When the couple chooses to go for a court marriage, there is no such dispute to fight over. The procedure is uniform across the nation.

Practical – Court marriages are a practical way to tie the knot. You do not have to rush through the ceremonies and take unnecessary stress as the proceeding is simple and hassle-free.

Court marriages are gaining more and more authenticity in Indian recently. The above mentioned advantages clearly describe why going for a court marriage is better than struggling with the cumbersome traditional marriage processes. However, to ensure that you have a smooth proceeding at the court marriage and all the documentation is done to the point, hiring the best lawyers in Dwarka is important. An experienced court marriage lawyer can help you in saving time and money in a court marriage procedure. If you are soon tying the knot, choose court marriages as you already know the advantages.

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